WSOP Main Event Day 2A – Lisandro in the Running

Posted at 07:00 2006-08-03 The first of the Day 2s commenced with 1637 players that had waded their way through Days 1A and 1B. There was a notable lack of “big name” players, and even this early on it appears that the Main Event is again heading for another amateur winner. Out of the huge Aussie contingent, there were at least 15 players who were vying for a place in Day 3. Melbourne’s Arul Thillai started the day shortstacked and was the unlucky first Aussie out, this is his elimination in his own words: “It was folded to the button who raised to 1500, I was in the small blind and peaked down to see 84os. I was excited but made sure I gave away no tells, asked how much button had, and calmly pushed all in for 8k. He insta-called with qq.” Andrew Lindsay was eliminated soon afterwards, out with JJ versus AK. South Australia’s Vince Moro started the day shortstacked, and was left in even worse condition after a player with AT flopped trip tens against his pocket queens. Down to 3,200, Vince miraculously doubled up with KJ vs AK, but it wasn’t nearly enough and he was eliminated in the afternoon. Melbourne’s Dean McIver started in great position and increased his stack early to 55,000 despite being seated at the same table with Allen Cunningham, unfortunately he was also amongst the Aussies who will not see Day 3. The Aussie chipleader in Mark Vos had a, well, tight start to the day – folding every hand for almost the whole first two-hour level courtesy of a untimely sleep-in. A wake-up call was made, and Mark was at his table with 15 minutes left before the break and not too much damage done. Mark was seated next to Chris Ferguson later in the day, and they tangled in the evening session as Mark made a huge laydown with a jack in his hand on a Ad-Js-10s-Jd board to Jesus’ 20,000 all-in bet. Left with 57,000, Mark clawed back to finish the day roughly where he started on 81,100. Jeff Lisandro started one place behind Mark Vos in the Day 2A standings and had an excellent day to finish amongst the top chipleaders with 194,800. Lisandro had some good fortune in the evening sessions, he took down a hefty pot with Js9s after his opponent checked the turn and Jeff caught his flush on the river, and later on he won a 50,000+ pot with A3 versus AJ and a player all-in with AK, turning a 3 and catching an ace on the river for two pair. Other Australians who have made it to Day 3 are Russell Davies (105,000), Sam Khouiss (69,500), Sam Korman (57,700), Adrian Pitt (51,300), and a shortstacked Toby Atroshenko (4,100). They will have to contend with a number of dangerous big stacks on Day 3 including online superstar Eric “Rizen” Lynch (194,000), Allen Cunningham (172,900) and David Chiu (154,000). The chipleader is Yury Kozinsky with 443,300. Day 3 will contain 561 players that progressed from Day 2A, with the average chipstack at 77,620. With the top 873 players paid, many of the Australian players are a great chance to make the money, with more from Day 2B expected to progress through as well. Aussies that are lining up for Day 2B are Joe Hachem (86,950), PokerNetwork’s Gareth Edwards (75,025), WA’s Aleks Lackovic (58,825), honorary Aussie Tony D (49,350), Brian McDonald (32,700), Justin Huxley (25,625), Jonny Vincent (22,750), Kiwi Luke Chezick (12,150), Rayan Nathan (8,275) and Sarah Bilney (6,100). (Apologies to anyone missed)

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