WSOP Main Event Day 3 – In the Money

Posted at 07:00 2006-08-06 Seventeen Australians started Day 3 and with the money in sight it was going to be a tough day for some more than others. There were 1159 players left, with just 286 eliminations to go before the 873 paid places. Queensland’s Toby Atroshenko started the day in 1155th place with 4,100. He doubled up on his first inevitable all-in, pushing under-the-gun with Q6 and catching a 6 on the flop to better the A3 of the player in the big blind who had made a reluctant call. Two rounds later, a player raised from middle position and Toby pushed all in from the big blind. Unfortunately the original raiser had aces and Toby was eliminated. Despite his early exit, Toby may not have been the first Australian to depart for the day as another player was in Sam Korman’s assigned seat less than 30 minutes after play started. Details are still unknown. Brian McDonald was the other Australian to fall short of the money when he pushed from the big blind with AJ against a button limper, who surprisingly called roughly 30,000 more with KQ. The flop came down J-4-T, which brought top pair for Brian but also an open-ended straight draw for his opponent and when the turn came a nine, Brian’s tournament was over. Justin “The Hux” Huxley started the day very well placed with $136,000 but lost half his stack after a player with AT called Hux’s raise with QQ. Hux flopped a set, while his opponent hit the nut straight, and Hux was reduced to 60,000. It just wasn’t Hux’s day – prior to the afternoon break he took another bad beat – on a flop of 4-4-5, his opponent moved in with 33, Hux made the call with 77 and watched helplessly as he fell to a runner-runner straight. Left with 22,000, Hux commendably nursed his stack through to the money and finished in 780th place, collecting $15,504 for his efforts. Gareth Edwards was the centre of media attention all day, not so much for his play, rather the fact that he was wearing his Harrah’s-enforced .NET sticker on his forehead. Gareth raced up to 100k, and then 120k after he eliminated a shortstack whose pocket nines were no match for Gareth’s K8, especially after he hit two pair. Just after making the money, Gareth was unlucky to lose most of his stack with kings versus aces and busted just before the dinner break, collecting $16,493 for his 746th place finish. Nine Aussies will move forward into Day 4 and are assured of at least $26,389. As if proof of his newfound status, Mark Vos found himself at the ESPN feature table but had a rough day in the spotlight. Seated with Annie Duke on his left, Mark just couldn’t win a hand all day and was down to 21,000 approaching the dinner break. However towards the end of the day his fortunes turned slightly and he recovered to finish the day on 96,500. Jeff Lisandro had a steady, but also frustrating day, unable to move up in the standings. He had the better of his table, but finished the day with 236,000 – just over 40,000 more than what he started with. As a case in point, on one hand Lisandro had his opponent all in with AQ versus A9 on a flop of Q-K-A, the turn blanked and the river came another K to give both players two pair and counterfeit Jeff’s kicker. Joe Hachem was yet another player who did it tough. Although he was up to 178,000 before the dinner break, Joe was rattled after a hand in which he reraised with AK and Vaughn Sandman pushed all-in, forcing Joe into the tank. After a long deliberation Joe folded and Vaughn showed AQ. Down to 100,000 Joe was shifted to a new table late in the day and won an 80,000 pot off Ted Forrest to finish with 139,000. Marcus Collins from WA was one of the few players who had a much easier run. Starting with 108,600, Marcus was fortunate enough to find a player of equal stack who was willing to put their life on the line with pocket queens. Marcus had aces and was up to 260,000. After dropping back slightly to 200,000 and easily making the money, Marcus is now happy to wait for premium hands and progress as far as he can. A number of Aussies had very uneventful days but came alive in the final sessions. Tony D had been steady all day with a stack around the 60-70k mark before his table broke late in the evening. Details are unknown, but Tony somehow finished the day with 220,000 and he is very well placed going into Day 4. Sam Khouiss also spent most of the day around the 50k mark but took advantage of the loose play following the bubble burst and ended with 179,500. Peter Antill from WA was another Australian who made the money – down to 20,000 at one point, Peter went all-in for his first time for the whole tournament and won. Stuck at 40,000 for most of the evening, he progressed to Day 4 albeit very shortstacked on 19,000. Rayan Nathan will also see Day 4 and goes through with 70,000, as does a solid Russell Davies, who has 173,000. There are 481 players who will progress to Day 4, average stack is 182,191 and chipleader is Jon Lane with 654,000. The Australians that remain on Day 4 are: 129 Jeffrey Lisandro - $236,000 133 Marcus Collins - $231,500 145 Tony Dunst - $220,500 189 Sam Khouiss - $179,500 200 Russell Davies - $173,000 256 Joe Hachem - $139,000 342 Mark Vos - $96,500 405 Rayan Nathan - $70,000 479 Peter Antill - $19,000 The Australians that cashed on Day 3 are: 508 Peter Sun - $22,266 558 Adrian Pitt - $22,266 744 Jonathan Michaels - $16,493 746 Gareth Edwards - $16,493 780 Justin Huxley - $15,504

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