WSOP Main Event Day 2a - Karamalikis, Glazier & Dunst Progress Well

Posted at 05:33 2010-07-11

Survivors from Day 1a and Day 1c came together for the first time as it was time for Day 2a at the Rio in Las Vegas as the 2010 WSOP Main Event continued. After just four levels of play, approximately 1,260 players had survived to reach Day 3 action, with notables Johnny Chan, Cole South, Patrik Antonius and Robert Mizrachi ending the day towards the pointy end of the chip count leaderboard.

There were mixed successes for the Australians on the felt today with a couple of big comebacks and a few disappointing eliminations.

Aaron Benton was an early casualty after running his {Ac}{Kc} into an opponent’s pocket aces on an ace-high, with two clubs, flop. His opponent filled up to a full house on the turn to leave Benton drawing dead and headed to an early exit.

Also out in the early stages was cricket legend and 888Poker ambassador Shane Warne who ran his K-Q into pocket aces on a king-high flop.

Full Tilt Poker Red Pro Jonathan “xMONSTERxDONGx” Karamalikis was one who was quick to turn things around after starting the day with just 20,150 in chips. Dong had a strong day, connecting with the board and punishing his opponents once he had some chips to play with to end up bagging up 129,700.

Jackie Glazier progressed strongly to end the day with 128,700, while Tony Dunst cruised through to amass 106,000 by the day’s end.

Simon Watt went through with above average chips with 89,200 as did Gary Benson (84,500), while Jeff Fenech (66,000), Greg Shillig (62,800) and Peter Aristidou (52,400) are all in good shape.  Also making it through the day were Leo Boxell (30,700) and Mel Judah (21,000) but they have some work ahead of them on day three.

Van Marcus was grinding through the day but fell in the last level when he ran his pocket tens into an opponent’s pocket queens and was sent to the rail. Other Aussies who were unable to make it through the day included Paul Birman, Manny Stavropoulos and Daniel Neilson.

Survivors from Day 1b and Day 1d will come together for Day 2b as the 2010 World Series of Poker continues.  Some of the Aussies in action include Grant Levy, Joel Dodds, Jai Kemp, Matthew Pearson and Yann Pauchon. For live updates stay tuned into PokerNews.com.

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Jonathan Karamalikis was the big mover on Day 2a of the WSOP Main Event Jonathan Karamalikis was the big mover on Day 2a of the WSOP Main Event

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