WSOP Main Event Day 6 - Pearson Out, Dunst Survives as 78 Players Remain!

Posted at 18:34 2010-07-16

As the hype of the WSOP Main Event builds, leading up to the unveiling of the November Nine, things are starting to wind down in the halls of the Rio. Rooms that were once filled with hundreds of poker tables are now empty, the halls are seemingly wider and the poker kitchen has closed up shop. The size of the Amazon Room is now swallowed up by its every-expanding emptiness. The railbirds are filtering down to just close friends and families with the die-hard fanatical poker fans few and far between. It’s Day 6 of the big dance and 205 players carried hopes of cracking the last 100 barrier by the day’s end.

It was a day that saw agents talking to players before play, hoping to lock up sponsorship deals to flash the patch for the cameras. The last Aussie in the WSOP Main Event field, Matthew Pearson, was donning a Full Tilt patch (alongside a PokerNetwork one of course!) but his impressive run came to an end when he hit the rail in 138th place. Pearson collected $57,102 for a fantastic tournament, which is his biggest live event score to date. It was also Pearson’s second live tournament cash in Vegas, after he previously ran deep in the $2,000 Venetian Deep Stack.

After a perfect start to the day, when Pearson chipped up to 860,000 through the elimination of dual-WSOP bracelet holder Matt Keikoan with flush over flush, he couldn’t keep the momentum running. Soon after the double, Pearson found {Ac}{Kd} on the button and raised it up to 45,000 before being further challenged to 138,000 from the small blind. Nicolas Babel shoved all in over the top from the big blind for 735,000. Pearson committed his last 560,000 in the middle and the small blind sensed danger and let it go. Babel revealed {Ah}{Ad} and Pearson could find no happy ending on the board of {Qh}{8d}{6c}{2d}{6d}.

Also having some trouble running into aces, was ten-time WSOP bracelet holder Johnny Chan, who was unfortunate to have his cowboys run into the bullets.  Chan was left with just 800,000 as suddenly Chan was dislodged from his place amongst the top-ten leader board after two solid days at the top. There wasn’t much luck later on when Chan was up against the pocket aces again, this time with pocket jacks. The ending was written the same, but this time the two-time World Champion had no more ammunition and was eliminated in 157th place.

The last woman standing in the field, Breeze Zuckerman, was eliminated halfway through the day, making it as far as 121st.

It was a roller coaster day for adopted Aussie Tony Dunst who had some work to do after going from the pinnacle of the chip lead on Day 4, to finishing Day 5 at the other extreme of the scale. An early double up for Dunst would see his {Ac}{Ah} hold true against his opponent’s {Qd}{Qc} to put him close to the seven-figure mark once again. However a couple of levels later he sustained a sick beat, when he once again woke up with aces having a player all in for 1.035 million holding {As}{Qd}. The flop revealed {5d}{Qh}{Qs} and Dunst was drawing dead as a player across the table shared that he folded the final ace. Dunst built back up throughout the day and eventually finished with 1.55 million in chips.

Another story emerging from the Main Event is with the Mizrachi brothers who have already made an impact this World Series, with Michael winning the prestigious $50,000 Player’s Championship and Robert placing 5th. As the bubble burst late on day four, all four of the Mizrachi brothers made the money, with Robert and Michael making it as far as Day 6, before Michael was left as the last Mizrachi standing. Michael could potentially share the title of WSOP Player of the Year title with Frank Kassela, but only if he wins the Main Event.

Michael is certainly on track to give Kassela a run for his money, as he spent much of the last levels of play atop the leader board. As the play wound down for the day, 78 players remained in the hunt for WSOP glory with Theo Jorgensen taking the chip lead into Day 7 with 9.3 million chips.

Only two more days of play remain before the new November Nine will be revealed. Stay tuned to PokerNews.com for all the live updates as the 2010 WSOP draws to a close!

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Matthew Pearson out in 138th place Matthew Pearson out in 138th place

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