WSOP Main Event Day 7 - Dunst Done; November Nine Awaits!

Posted at 07:44 2010-07-18

After surviving seven days of intense poker, the last day has arrived of the World Series of Poker Main Event, until the final nine return in November. Day 7 reduced the field from 78 hopefuls out of the starting field of 7,319 to the remaining 27.  Leading the charge with a considerable advantage of 24.49 million chips was Joseph Cheong. Together with Soi Nguyen who sits just below Cheong on the chip counts, they hold more than ten percent of chips in play.

Others still in the race, but with a little more work to do include a short-stacked Johnny Lodden and Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi who finished the day just below average. It will be an amazing story if “The Grinder” can secure a place in the November Nine, after winning the $50,000 Player’s Championship at the beginning of the series. Matt Affleck also remains in contention, finishing up the day in sixth place on the leader board.

We lost some big names along the way, including Tony Dunst, whose past couple of days have been filled with mixed fortune, ultimately riding that fortune to 50th place. Dunst was lucky to make a couple of extra pay jumps after spiking a two-outer against Hasan Habib on the river. All in preflop for 930,000, Dunst revealed {Qs}{Qd} for the coinflip against Habib’s {As}{Kd}. “Well if I go out this way, at least I don’t have to explain it!” Dunst declared.

The flop favoured Habib, showing {Ks}{4s}{5d} and leaving Dunst’s survival resting on just two outs. The {3c} gave nothing, but it was the river that delivered when the {Qh} fell, giving the rail something to cheer about. The final hand that would send Dunst to the payout collections box was when he made a preflop raise of “one mirrion” against William Thorson who put him all in for an extra 75,000. Dunst was dominated holding {Ac}{Qh} to Thorson’s {As}{Kh} and there was no help on the board this time as the best dressed man in the Amazon Room collected $168,556, an extra $50,000 from when he spiked the two-outer earlier on.

2008 Aussie Millions Champion Alexander Kostritsyn also fell during the day, after having spent much time around the leader board over the previous days. The fatal hand saw Kostritsyn’s pocket kings flushed out by his opponent’s {Ah}{Qh}, eliminating the young Russian in 52nd place.

At the conclusion of day’s play, nine names will be revealed who will be at the center of media hype for the next three and a half months. Their lives will be altered forever, and the ultimate dream of WSOP glory within reach for each of them. Stay tuned to PokerNews where the November Nine will be unveiled.

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Tony Dunst eliminated in 50th place at the 2010 WSOP Main Event Tony Dunst eliminated in 50th place at the 2010 WSOP Main Event

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