WSOP Main Event Day 7 - Lisandro Out

Posted at 07:00 2006-08-10 Day 7 started with 27 players, only nine would remain at the end of the day and progress through to Thursday’s final table. Play was expected to be much slower than Day 6, especially with the finish line in sight. Australia’s lone survivor Jeff Lisandro started out the day in ninth place with just under 3M in chips and got off to a flying start by winning a battle of the blinds with Sirous Jamshidi. On a board of Ad-Qd-2c-10s, Sirous checked from the small blind, Jeff bet 75,000 and Sirous called. The river was another diamond – the 6d – and Sirous checked-called Lisandro’s bet of 100,000. Jeff flipped over QhJh and added a cool million to his stack. Lisandro suffered a small setback when he called Luke Chung’s all-in reraise with 22, only to see that Chung had him dominated with JJ. Left with just under what he started with at 2.6M, Lisandro played it quiet while the field was reduced to two tables. He wasn’t served well by the seat reassignments, drawing chip leaders Jamie Gold and Allan Cunningham on his immediate left. Jeff continued his low-key approach, until a critcial hand late in the afternoon. Jeff limped and was followed by Jamie Gold, Luke Chung and William Thorsson, before Paul Wasicka pushed all-in for about 2M from the small blind. Lisandro called, the other players folded, and unfortunately for Jeff his pocket jacks were up against Wasicka’s kings. The flop came down T-9-3, a 7 on the turn gave Lisandro some extra outs but he couldn’t hit his gutsa or set on the river and was left crippled with just 100,000. He was eliminated in 17th place almost immediately afterwards. With blinds at 40,000/80,000 (10,000 ante), Jeff moved all-in for 85,000 and was called by William Thorsson, Leif Force in the small blind and Rhett Butler in the big blind. The players checked it down and on a board of J-9-7-9-2, Butler showed K2 for a pair of twos while everyone including Jeff mucked. Jeff received $659,730 and should be commended for progressing this far. Play tightened up considerably as the final table bubble approached but chip leader Jamie Gold continued to bully the field, amassing over 20,000,000 in chips. Throughout the day he eliminated Richard Wyrick (27th), Eric Lynch (24th), Lee Kort (22nd), Prahlad Friedman (20th), David Einhorn (18th), Luke Chung (14th) and William Thorsson (13th), in what was a truly amazing run. When he eliminated Lee Kort, Kort pushed all in with QJ on a J-high flop – Gold had AJ. A stunned Prahlad Friedman watched as Gold raised and then called Prahlad’s 1,700,000 all-in reraise with 78 and flopped a straight, while Luke Chung thought his A5 was good on an A-5-4 flop and put all his money in only to see a jack on the turn with Gold with AJ a higher two pair. In the early hours of the morning, and with blinds at 80,000/160,000 (20,000 ante) Fred Goldberg moved all-in from the cutoff for 2.8M and was called by Richard Lee from the small blind. Goldberg showed Q3, while Lee was a huge favourite with KK. Goldberg couldn’t find any help from the board and finished in tenth place on the final table bubble. The final nine players are: Seat 1 Richard Lee - $11,820,000 Seat 2 Erik Friberg - $9,605,000 Seat 3 Paul Wasicka - $7,970,000 Seat 4 Dan Nassif - $2,600,000 Seat 5 Allen Cunningham - $17,770,000 Seat 6 Michael Binger - $3,140,000 Seat 7 Doug Kim - $6,770,000 Seat 8 Jamie Gold - $26,650,000 Seat 9 Rhett Butler - $4,815,000 Gold holds a massive chip lead, but as seen by Andrew Black’s fortunes in last year’s Main Event, anything can happen. The final table will commence on Thursday at 2pm PST. PNW would like to congratulate Jeff Lisandro as the highest Australian finisher in this year’s WSOP Main Event, and also all the other players that made the money. The complete list of Australian cash finishers is as follows: 17 Jeff Lisandro - $659,730 98 Sam Khouiss - $51,129 155 Russell Davies – $47,006 172 Rayan Nathan - $46,006 198 Tony Dunst - $42,882 238 Joseph Hachem - $42,882 251 Marcus Collins - $42,882 457 Mark Vos - $26,389 470 Peter Antill - $26,389 508 Peter Sun - $22,266 558 Adrian Pitt - $22,266 744 Jonathan Michaels - $16,493 746 Gareth Edwards - $16,493 780 Justin Huxley - $15,504

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