WSOP Main Event Day 1A - Mark Vos Amongst Leaders

Posted at 07:00 2006-07-30 The 2006 World Series of Poker Main Event commenced with 8,532 official entrants, but with reportedly up to 500 alternates on each day, the total number of players may be over the 10,000 mark. There are four individual day ones, with each day being played down to 800 players. It took only seven minutes for one competitor’s dream to be shattered as he became the first elimination of the event, however he saw seven minutes more action that the four no-shows on day one. They were blinded off and eventually eliminated after around twelve hours of non-play. For Australia, Jeff Lisandro was an early mover, while Emad Tamtouh built his stack to over 20,000 at one point to be sitting amongst the chip leaders. However Emad lost a large chunk of his stack when he attempted a big bluff and his opponent made the call with top two pair. This left Emad in trouble and after he lost a race with AK against 66, he was crippled and eliminated late in the day. Gary Benson had Australia’s bad beat story of the day when he had all of his money in the middle with a set of tens versus his opponent’s set of sevens. With only one out, his opponent landed the miracle case seven to give him quads and unfortunately Gary was eliminated from the tournament. High hopes were also with Tony G who had been in superb form, but unfortunately he also didn’t survive the day. WSOP bracelet winner Mark Vos provided the highlight of the day for Australian fans when he was able to take down a massive pot off Norm MacDonald. Mark was able to crack MacDonald’s pocket aces with two pair, to give Mark an enormous chip stack. With a lot of chips, Mark was always going to be trouble for his opponents and he proceeded to take control of his table. He was very near the chip leaders, but lost a significant pot late to slip to 12th position at the end of the day’s play. At the end of Day 1A the 2,138 starters had been reduced to 782 with an average chip stack of 27,340. Some big names were eliminated during the day including Chip Jett, David Benyamine, Gus Hansen, Lee Watkinson, Russ Boyd, Michael Mizrachi and Andy Bloch. Some of the Aussies who did make it through the day include: 12th - Mark Vos - 85,375 13th - Jeff Lisandro – 85,025 111th - Jason Gray – 44,475 536th - John Dalessandri – 16,900 567th – Andrew Lindsay – 15,350 674th - Jethro Horowitz – 10,700 713th – Arul Thillai – 8,400 Other notables include: Layne Flack – 45,000 Mike Sexton – 42,500 Barry Greenstein – 34,500 Juan Carlos Mortensen – 8,000

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