WSOP Main Event Day 3 Preview – Luck of the Draw

Posted at 07:00 2006-08-05 Sixteen Australians have made it through the various flights of Days 1 and 2 to be a part of the 1159 players left going into Day 3 of the WSOP Main Event. With 8773 starters, the players that remain have outlasted 7614 people, or about 87% of the field, with only another 286 eliminations until the money. As the field winds down, the chances of being surrounded by nine nervous online qualifiers have started to dim. Here are some of the faces our Australian players are going up against on Day 3. Marcus Collins (Table 4, Seat 1, 108,600) is probably the unluckiest Aussie as far as tablemates go. Sitting immediately on his left in Seat 2 is Surinder Sunar (77,300), who is probably best known for beating Tony G heads up at the infamous WPT Grand Prix de Paris in 2004. Surinder has had an extremely long and successful poker career to date, with over $3 million in prizemoney. If that wasn’t enough, Seat 5 at Marcus’ table will be occupied by Josh Arieh (85,600). Josh is a two-time WSOP bracelet winner, having captured the $2,000 Pot-Limit Omaha title in 2005, and the $3,000 Limit Hold’Em in 1999. He also made the final table of the WPT Borgata Open in 2004, finishing 3rd. However Marcus is the big stack and after a fantastic performance on Day 2 when he clawed back from 4,000, he can definitely hold his own. Justin “The Hux” Huxley (Table 20, Seat 5, 136,500) might recognise the player in Seat 3 which is Shannon Shorr (174,700), fourth-place finisher in this year’s Aussie Millions Main Event. We’re not sure if Hux has seen every hand Shannon has played, but it might come in handy. Hux is one of six players with over 100,000 at his table (bear in mind average is 77,000) so things could get very interesting if the table isn’t broken throughout the day. Rayan Nathan (Table 54, Seat 6, 51,800) faces a number of big stacks on his table including Ted Forrest (Seat 9, 130,900). Ted is the current NBC Heads Up champion, finished second in the 2005 WPT Mirage Poker Showdown, and has five WSOP bracelets to his name. The chip leader at Rayan’s table is Alex Balandin (Seat 7, 274,800), whose biggest win to date was a second place finish in the 2005 PokerStars Carribean Adventure. Peter Antill (Table 116, Seat 8, 65,900) has a shortstacked Nick Grudzien (Seat 9, 11,500) on his right. Nick’s name might not be familiar, but he is extremely well-known for his online moniker stoxpoker. Once a very successful trader on Wall Street, Nick started playing online poker part-time, and later turned professional. He currently plays the highest online limit games available and runs his own site – www.stoxpoker.com. Mark Vos (Table 126, Seat 8, 81,100) will find Annie Duke (Seat 10, 67,000) two seats to his left when he sits down on Day 3. Annie is Howard Lederer’s sister, and a successful player in her own right, having cashed 26 times at the WSOP. On Mark’s right in Seat 7 is Michael Lynn (291,000) who is currently 13th in chips. With plenty of chips on the table and not a lot of competition, Vos is an excellent chance of progressing to Day 4 with a sizable stack. Peter Son (Table 137, Seat 1, 112,800) has slipped under the radar so far but faces a tough table with David Chiu (154,700) in Seat 5. David won a bracelet in the $5,000 Omaha Hi-Lo at the 2005 WSOP, and has over 28 WSOP cashes to date. A shortstacked Layne Flack (19,500) will occupy Seat 10 and could be extremely dangerous if he accumulates some chips. Layne garnered the nickname “Back-to-Back Flack” after winning consecutive WSOP bracelets in 2002, he also won two bracelets the next year in 2003 and is a highly aggressive player. Sam Korman (Table 142, Seat 4, 57,700) has Humberto Brenes (148,300) on his right in Seat 1. Humberto has been around the poker scene a long time but isn’t in danger of slowing down – he has already cashed six times at this year’s WSOP and has over $4 million in tournament winnings. Jeff Lisandro (Table 156, Seat 10, 194,800) has absolutely nothing to fear with a relatively unknown table. The only opposition he might face is from Richard Brodie (Seat 5, 57,800).Brodie was one of the original programmers of Microsoft Word, and is a prolific online player (screename Quiet Lion), plus he writes a popular poker blog known as Lion Tales. Some players are just luckier than others. Gareth Edwards (Table 67, Seat 4, 75,900) has just under the average of 76,000 but finds himself almost equal chipleader at his table behind the “big stack” in Seat 8 with 77,400. Russell Davies (Table 18, Seat 10, 105,100) is the only player over with over 100,000 at his table, and is surrounded by relative unknowns. Of course, there are those with their work cut out for them. Toby Atroshenko (Table 48, Seat 6) has just 4,100 in chips and with blinds starting at 600/1200 (200 ante) he will need to find a lot of luck in the early rounds. Here is the complete list of Australian players in Day 3: Day 3 (1159 players, average 76,008, 873 paid, chipleader Dmitri Nobles 549,200) 44 Jeff Lisandro - $194,800 142 Justin Huxley - $136,300 216 Joe Hachem - $114,100 220 Peter Son - $112,800 237 Marcus Collins - $108,600 251 Russell Davies - $105,100 396 Mark Vos - $81,100 440 Gareth Edwards - $75,900 511 Sam Khouiss - $69,500 553 Peter Antill - $65,900 647 Sam Korman - $57,700 708 Rayan Nathan - $51,800 713 Adrian Pitt - $51,300 763 George Dunst - $46,500 945 Brian McDonald - $31,200 1155 Toby Atroshenko - $4,100 Good luck to all the Aussies and stay tuned to the PokerNetwork noticeboard for updates.

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