WSOP Main Event Days 4 & 5 – Lisandro Last Hope

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August 08 2006

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There were nine Australians who were amongst the 481 players who started Day 4. Guaranteed at least $26,389, the action was incredibly fast as players tried to gather enough chips to increase their chances of finishing deep in the money.

Peter Antill nursed his shortstack throughout the final hours of Day 3 and started with 19,800. Peter was at risk early and was eliminated in 470th place and received $26,289. Mark Vos started with day with 95,000 and looked set to double up with KJ after his opponent check-raised him all in on a flop of J-9-7 with 87. Mark made the call but was unlucky to lose the hand and the 200,000 pot and he was eliminated in 457th place.

Marcus Collins was the next unfortunate Aussie to fall, again in unlucky circumstances as he was rivered on a 515k pot. Marcus was out in 251st place and received $42,882 in prizemoney. Surprisingly, Joe Hachem was eliminated soon afterwards in 238th place. A player under-the-gun moved all in for 67,000, was called by Andrew Schreibmann, and Joe reraised all-in for another 30,000. Andrew made the call and players showed their hands – the player UTG had AQ, Andrew had JJ and Hachem AA. A jack on the flop cruelly ended Hachem’s championship defence, after a valiant effort to once again make it deep into the money.

Tony Dunst started the day with 220k and had built it up to 350,000 by the dinner break. Coming back from dinner, Tony found queens in early position and with blinds 3000/6000 (1000 ante) he raised to 30,000. A player behind him reraised all in for 93,000 in total and Tony made the call only to find out that he had run into aces. One round later, and with a still sizeable stack of 250,000, Tony pushed all in from the big blind with AKos against a button raiser. The player on the button contemplated for a number of minutes before he made the call with AQ. A queen on the flop sent Tony home in 198th place with $42,882 for his efforts.

Rayan Nathan started Day 4 with only 70,000 but managed to find himself still in the running with less than 200 players remaining. However he was shortstacked and was eventually all in preflop against two other players with 77 and must have been feeling pretty good when the flop came down 9-7-2. Rick Mombourquette (455,000) and Rich Lee (1.06M) saw card which was a jack, and Rick got all his money in, with Rich making a quick call. Remarkably, Lee showed 99 and Mombourquette flipped over JJ – all three players hit sets – and Rayan couldn’t find the case seven and was eliminated in 172nd place for $47,006. Russell Davies was out soon after in 155th place.

Sam Khouiss doubled up early on Day 4 to find himself with 300,000, but had dropped to 220,000 with 290 players remaining. The rollercoaster of a day continued when he jumped up to 500,000, and later he was back to the 160,000 mark and was all in with AA vs K3 on a flop of K-Q-T. A 3 on the turn almost sounded disaster but the board repeated with a Q on the river and Sam was at 420,000 again. He steadied and went into Day 5 with 576,000 in chips, just under average. Out of the 135 players that started Day 5, Sam was eliminated in 98th place and took home $51,129 in prizemoney.
Australia’s last hope remained with Jeff Lisandro. Lisandro began Day 4 with 236,000 and took a small hit early after he lost with A9 versus a shortstack with A3. Down to 156,000, he quickly regained his lost chips after flopping the nut straight with KJ and went on a charge, building his chipstack to 440,000. He then took down a 300,000 pot with AA – flopping a set and collecting a full house on the turn, and later eliminated a player with 99 versus A8 to jump up to 736,000. Jeff sent another two players to the rail and finished Day 4 with 1,208,000.

Early on Day 5, Lisandro eliminated Per Erik Loeff to rise to 1.6M, and then on a flop of 10h-5d-4d, Lisandro called Mark Shanta’s all in with 6d-3d. Shanta’s aces were no good when Lisandro collected one of his many outs with a two on the turn and Jeff had hit the 2,000,000 mark in chips. After he knocked Annie Duke out in 88th place with pocket eights, Jeff had 2.5M and was looking unstoppable. However he was unlucky late in the day with queens versus AJ and dropped to 1,420,000. Later in the night, on a flop of 10d-5d-2d, Cheng Lu bet 200,000 and Lisandro check-called. The turn came down a Jc, Lisandro checked, Lu bet 200,000 again, and Jeff pushed all-in for 760,000 more. Lu made the call with JT, only to find that Jeff had flopped the nut flush with Ad7d. There was no ten or jack on the river and Lisandro doubled up to 2,800,000. He goes into Day 6 in 9th place with 2,995,000 in chips.

Only 45 players remain going into Day 6 of the Main Event, Jamie Gold leads the pack with 7,330,000. Jeff faces a long day with Prahlad Friedman, Eric Molina, and a shortstacked Humberto Brenes on his table but has the chips and experience to progress to the last 27. As the last Australian remaining, we wish him all the best.

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