WSOP Satellites Kick Off at UB.com

Posted at 13:54 2011-03-10

It's time to stand up and fight for what you deserve in Vegas. You're more than a walking billboard for a poker room. You're more than a bankroll wearing a patch. If you want to head to the 2011 WSOP, then make sure to head over to UB.com (previously Ultimate Bet)  as they’ll be paying you just to show up!

Every year as the WSOP rolls around, online sites are forced to come up with new and innovative promotions to get players playing their satellites so they’ll wear their logo come the Main Event in July.

From giveaways, value-added packages and bonus money, nearly everything has been tried, but it seems as though UB may have taken the first step in securing a solid team of satellite entrants heading to Las Vegas.

 ‘Series 2011. Join the revolution in Vegas.’ This is what UB have launched in a bid to lure players to their site over the busy satellite period that is about to begin. Although the slogan doesn’t give too much away about their promotion is, it basically means that they will be putting players first.

If you manage to win your WSOP seat through UB via step tourneys or multi-table satellites, you will receive US$1,000 just for showing up to play – on top of your US$12,000 WSOP package that includes Main Event seat and money for travel expenses. If you have worn UB gear throughout the Main Event, you will collect a cash bonus at the end of the tournament that is split up as following:

Show Up and Get Paid – US$1,000
Play in Day 2 – US$2,000 total
Cash in the Main Event - US$12,000 total
Play in Day 5 – US$13,000 total
Play in Day 6 – US$14,000 total
Play in Day 7 (or final 54 players) – US$16,000 total
Play in Day 8 (or final 27 players) – US$20,000 total

Sounds pretty good that for just a min-cash, you could receive another buy-in for 2012 courtesy of UB.com. However, you’re all probably wondering (and hoping that it will be an issue for you) what happens if you make the November Nine. Well, yes you receive a cash bonus, albeit one that is slightly more financially rewarding:

1st Place – US$1,000,000
2nd Place – US$700,000
3rd Place – US$400,000
4th Place – US$200,000
5th Place – US$150,000
6th – 9th Place – US$100,000

So UB will pay you for not only arriving to partake in the Main Event, but also as the field narrows, the cash bonuses increase. The only question is how to you get on the UB 2011 WSOP team?

Satellites begin at just ten cents giving everyone a fair chance to score a seat in the WSOP Main Event. There are weekly super satellites for US$530 and satellites into that from just US$11. With step tourneys and VIP tournaments continuously being run, it will be the two big 25-seat guarantees that should be marked down in your diary as they’ll give you the best opportunity to win a seat.

Sunday June 12th, 2011 at 4pm ET
Sunday June 26th, 2011 at 4pm ET

UB is also offering a King of Satellites promotion that rewards the serious players by awarding players tournament dollars up to US$5,000 for winning multiple Main Event seats alongside the US$12,000 in cash for winning secondary seats.

If you want to be part of the 2011 WSOP UB team then make sure to download UB and take advantage of the PokerNetwork 150% First Deposit Bonus or 50% Reload Bonus!

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Qualify now for the 2011 WSOP on UB.com Qualify now for the 2011 WSOP on UB.com

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