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Launched in 2006, PKR was developed from the ground up as a fully immersive 3D online poker experience. PKR delivers the speed and intensity of online poker with the added emotions and expressions found in a live game. PKR's unique “Emote Control” technology allows players to engage and interact in more personal, entertaining, and immersive ways.

Each player can fully customize their avatar, allowing their personality to shine through. Through facial expressions and gestures, PKR presents an online experience that delivers a unique blend of online and live poker traits.

PKR also hosts an impressive line-up of daily, weekly and monthly guaranteed tournaments, making PKR a highly lucrative place to play. Needless to say, both beginners and more advanced players will find a lot to like about PKR.

Winner of Top Technology Award

In 2010 PKR was ranked number one on the Sunday Times Tech Track Top Technology list. The company was awarded the coveted top spot because of its unique playing software, dedication to customer support, community focus and fantastic growth. PKR continues that strong tradition still today.

Limits and Rake

No-limit Texas hold’em begins at a modest $0.02/$0.04 and increases steadily to a maximum of $5/$10. You can also find pot-limit Texas hold’em starting at $0.05/$0.10 all the way up to $2/$4, while limit hold’em begins at $0.05/$0.10 and ends at $10/$20. If you’re looking for games other than hold’em, you will also find both limit and pot-limit Omaha, beginning at $0.02/$0.04 and going up to $2/$4, while a limit variation can be found as low as $0.05/$0.10 and moves in steady increments to $3/$6. Obviously the stakes offered on PKR are designed for beginners and/or low limit players, so it’s a great choice if you find yourself in either one of those categories.

PKR generally keeps its rake at around 5% of the pot size. A maximum of $3 can be taken as rake, although at the lower limits the maximum rake can be as low as $0.25. The number of players and limit level determine the maximum possible rake and rake-percentage rate.

Player Traffic

PKR is an independent network; however, the online site still attracts a large user base. With so many players itching to compete, finding a game at the right limit level shouldn't be a hassle. PKR's generous daily, weekly, and monthly guaranteed tournaments also provide an ample platform to increase player traffic. With all that said, keep in mind that PKR is geared toward offering 3D games, which is a niche all its own.


PKR is a fantastic achievement in software programming. It is polished, well designed, and quite simply a sleek piece of software. The customizable options allow a level of personalization not seen in other online poker rooms. The file size is large when compared to other poker rooms, and PKR is fairly resource intensive. Furthermore, the finished product is chock full of eye candy.

Players are greeted with PKR Pal, a program that downloads PKR updates in the background, so that there will be no wait time before starting play. PKR Pal can also notify players about upcoming tournaments, without the need for the actual PKR program to be running.

The tables themselves are incredibly immersive, as each player has emotional control over their avatar. Through the PKR software, players can celebrate a win, berate an opponent, taunt, smile, clap and even perform a number of chip tricks. Players can incorporate all of these functions into their game, just like in real life. There is an animation for every single move, whether it’s calling, checking, folding, or even moving all-in.

While the aforementioned options are entertaining, it does make multi-tabling somewhat difficult. In order to take full advantage of PKR, players will need a computer that is fairly powerful and up to date; however, PKR does offer its poker software in a “min spec” edition, which is better suited for older and less powerful machines.

Due to all of its special features, PKR does not offer an instant play version, meaning you will have to download the software. Check out our list here for the top instant play poker sites.

Software and Extra Features

The software has a professional polish and is complemented with an array of game features and options. Among these excellent features:

  • PKR Pal – Download updates as they happen; no wait time, plus receive timely reminders when tournaments begin.
  • Dynamic Camera – The camera switches position around the table, giving the impression of a televised broadcast.
  • Unique Poker Environments – Immersing graphics allow you to play in unique detailed 3D poker room environments.
  • Customizable Avatar – You can customize hairstyle, shirt color, body type, and even vocal accent.
  • Full Screen – A welcomed option for those of you who like bigger graphics
  • My Friends – Keep track of all your poker pals through this option.
  • PKR Points – Use PKR Points to buy virtual clothing, extra chip tricks and more.

Customer Service

A range of international, Canadian, and U.K. toll-free phone numbers are available. The customer service at PKR is accurate and easy to comprehend. They are helpful and aim to solve queries as soon as possible. Several emails are available, depending on the specific query being addressed. Live, online chat is also available 24/7.

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OS: Windows, Mac OS X
Bonus code

Editor’s ratings

Bonuses and Promotions 8.9
Player Traffic 8.0
Limits and Rake 8.0
Software 9.4
Customer Support 9.3
Overall score 8.7

Bonuses and Promotions

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