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Poker Strategy: The Art of the 3-Bet with Daniel Neilson

April 12 2011


One of the most easily misunderstood practices among the lower-stakes cash games is when and how to 3-bet. Ben Blaschke spoke with one of Australia’s top high stakes players, and reigning PokerNetwork Player of the Year Daniel Neilson, about in the ins and outs of 3-betting.

A lot of inexperienced players don't fully understand the art of 3-betting. What situations are you looking for before you consider 3-betting pre-flop?

Mixed Game Poker Strategy: Lowrolling with Deuce-to-Seven

April 06 2011


A game that has begun to see a resurgence due to online poker is deuce-to-seven lowball. 2-7 is a draw poker variant where the object is to make the lowest possible hand. Aces are always high and unlike Razz, straights and flushes count against you. The best possible hand in 2-7 is 2-3-4-5-7, which is also known as a number one. 2-7 lowball is typically played with a triple draw format and with a limit betting structure.

One Card Draws are Ideal

Mixed Game Poker Strategy: The Importance of Fourth Street in Stud Hi-Lo

March 17 2011


One reason that I like to play Stud Hi-Lo is due to the simple fact that most people have absolutely no clue as to how to play the game. They regularly make mistakes that puts chips at risk and when their luck is not holding, it winds up costing them money. Often I am asked what is the one tip I can give you to improve your Stud Hi-Lo game. Simply put, if you want to be a consistent winner in Stud Hi-Lo, you need to learn to fold on fourth street.

The Importance of Fourth Street

Mixed Game Poker Strategy: 10-Game - The Future of Mixed Games

March 02 2011


 The game of HORSE started to grow in popularity around 2006. Shortly after, PokerStars introduced the 8-Game concept, and before long, 8-Game became the standard for mixed games. In recent months, Full Tilt Poker has picked up draw poker variants, and as a result they have created the ultimate in mixed games with the 10-Game mix. As the name insinuates, the 10-Game mix offers ten poker variants split up over three major types. Let's take a closer look at 10-Game.

The Games

Mixed Game Poker Strategy: Let's Play Some Badugi

February 24 2011


A lowball variant that has been increasing in popularity over the last couple years is Badugi. The object of Badugi is to make the best four-card Badugi hand. A “Badugi” is a four-card hand that has one card of each suit without any rank matches. If multiple players have a Badugi hand, then the player with the lowest Badugi wins. A-2-3-4 is the lowest hand. This game is played in triple draw format and many games are in limit betting structure.

Strive For One Card Draws

Mixed Game Poker Strategy: Differences between HORSE and 8-Game

February 09 2011


In 2006, the World Series of Poker held the first ever $50,000 HORSE event. Shortly afterwards, the popularity of HORSE poker skyrocketed. However, many claimed that HORSE poker was a bit lacking as it was strictly limit poker variants. As such, PokerStars came out with the 8-Game mix. By 2009, 8-Game had grown in popularity to the point where the WSOP decided to change the $50,000 Event into an 8-Game format. Let's now take a look at the differences between 8-Game and HORSE.

Differences Between HORSE and 8-Game

Poker Strategy: Multi-Table Tournament Rebuy Strategy

February 03 2011


In our low stakes series thus far we have focused simply on standard freezeout MTTs, so to change things up a bit I thought I’d address rebuy MTTs, which if you play regularly, will be a part of your daily schedule. The following strategy will work best for rebuy MTTs ranging from $1 up to $10 rebuys.

Poker Strategy: The Delayed Bluff

January 05 2011


After Dan Harrington’s Harrington on Holdem series expedited tournament poker theory in the early part of the decade, the continuation bet became routine in both tourneys and cash games. The math behind it remains conclusive: with two unpaired cards only connecting with the flop around one-third of the time, and a less-than-pot-sized c-bet needing to work less than 50% of the time to show an automatic profit, c-betting is enormously profitable.

Poker Strategy: Basic Limit Holdem Tips

December 15 2010


When playing mixed games, many people consider the Holdem rounds elementary. Many sit back and look for either good cards or good situations to try and take down some pots. However, many either have forgotten or just choose to ignore some very simple concepts that will help you take down more pots during Holdem. Here are a couple of basic concepts to remember while playing Limit Holdem.

Semi-bluffing Draws

Poker Strategy: Double Holdem Tips

November 26 2010


With Rush Poker still one of the hottest trends in the online poker world, a new one – Double Holdem – is looking to sweep in and snatch the limelight!

Discussing strategy in poker is always a sour topic, as the majority of the time your thoughts, calculations and detailed analysis will be dismissed by more people than those that agree with it. However, here at PokerNetwork, we’ve never been afraid to speak our minds, and consequently decided to have a crack at detailing some basic tips on Double Holdem!

Quick Overview

Poker Break

Poker Humour


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