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  • Day 1 of Mixed Max Set to Begin
    Day 1 of Mixed Max Set to Begin 06-15-2013

    Event #27: $3,000 No-Limit Hold'em (Mixed Max) is set to begin in 40 minutes or so with Day 1 action, and the entrants will play eight levels before bagging and tagging for the evening.

  • Korenev Adds to His Stack 02-05-2013

    Roman Korenev has just four-bet Steve O'Dwyer right at the death here in Deauville to add an extra 5,000 or so chips to his stack.

  • "Gordon's alive?!" 02-05-2013

    Gordon Huntly's stack had shrunk severely since we last looked in on him but he just managed a double up to ease his pain.

  • Aubin Cazals Eliminated in 9th Place (€27,700)
    Aubin Cazals Eliminated in 9th Place (€27,700) 12-15-2012

    Aubin Cazals began the day on the short stack, so it was no surprise to see him become the day's first casualty. It happened when action folded around to the Frenchman in the cutoff and he moved all in for right around 240,000.

  • Another Double For Cazals 12-15-2012

    After action folded to him on the button, Aubin Cazals moved all in for 145,000 and received a call from Marvin Rettenmaier in the big blind.

  • Cazals Doubles Again
    Cazals Doubles Again 12-15-2012

    Morten Klein opened to 26,000 in the cutoff seat, Aubin Cazals moved all in for 180,000 on the button, and the action folded back to Klein, who tank-called. Klein: Cazals: The board ran out , and Cazals doubled to around 370,000 chips.

  • Busquet is the Bubble Boy
    Busquet is the Bubble Boy 12-15-2012

    Aubin Cazals open-shoved on the button for his last 96,000, and Olivier Busquet called in the big blind. After Table 1 was finished with their hand, the cards were shown down.

  • Lauttamus Quadruples But It's Not Enough 12-15-2012

    After quadrupling in the very next hand after being crippled, Juha Lauttamus shipped for a third straight time. He committed 43,000 and was met with an isolation three-bet by Aubin Cazals in the small blinds.

  • Klosinski Climbs, Cazals Busts, Hanowski Would Have Won! 12-13-2012

    A huge pot just took place in the center of the room that resulted in Aubin Cazals being eliminated.

  • Set Over Set and Neither Win 12-10-2012

    Aubin Cazals opened for 400 from early position only to have Kent Lundmark, who you may recall as the winner of the EPT7 Barcelona, three-bet to 900.

  • Hairabedian Leads Final 9, Mizrachi Gunning For Second Bracelet of 2012
    Hairabedian Leads Final 9, Mizrachi Gunning For Second Bracelet of 2012 09-26-2012

    The second day of play started with only 25 players, but it was far from easy for the nine finalists to reach that last table. French pro Roger Hairabedian emerged as the chip leader followed by the dangerous Fin Ville Mattila.

  • Cazals Fires River Into Gulyy 09-26-2012

    Action folded to Aubin Cazals in the cutoff seat, and he raised to 250. On the button, Andrey Gulyy reraised to 675. Play folded back over to Cazals, and he made the call. The flop came down paired with the dealer spreading the .

  • Selbst Takes Care of Cazals 09-26-2012

    Vanessa Selbst had just eliminated French pro Aubin Cazals, and she was kind enough to tell us what happened. Selbst raised to 2,500 from the hijack after which Cazals made it 9,300 from the cutoff. Selbst called.

  • Cazals Doubles Through Jachtmann 09-25-2012

    We caught up to find Aubin Cazals all in for his tournament life looking down at a board of . Jan-Peter Jachtmann was Cazals' sole opponent in the hand. Cazals: Jachtmann: Jachtmann held two pair but was behind the nut straight of Cazals.

  • Sointula Doubles Through Cazals 09-25-2012

    Aubin Cazals raised to 2,600 from under the gun and it folded around to Jani Sointula who three-bet with a pot-sized raise. Cazals was his only caller and the two were heads up to see a flop of .

  • Cazals Shoves, But Gets No Callers 09-25-2012

    From under the gun, Aubin Cazals raised to 1,750. He found calls from Erik Cajelais in the next seat, Bruno Fitoussi in the cutoff seat and Phil Hellmuth in the small blind before the dealer ran out the flop.

  • Mercier Returns The Favor 09-25-2012

    Just a few hands after Jason Mercier doubled up he returned the favor. Aubin Cazals got his last 6,900 into the pot pre flop against Mercier after which we saw the following showdown.

  • Double Up For Mercier 09-25-2012

    The flop read when Aubin Cazals bet 3,500, and both Alain Daein and Roger Hairabedian folded. Jason Mercier decided to move all in for 13,275 and Cazals called quickly.

  • Another Cazualty
    Another Cazualty 09-11-2012

    Aubin Cazals was all in and at risk holding on a flop of . Nicolas Levi flopped the nuts with however, and held as the turn and river came , respectively. Cazals is eliminated, while Levi now has 65,000 chips.

  • Chips for Cazals 09-10-2012

    2012 World Series of Poker bracelet winner Aubin Cazals just grabbed a small pot off of an opponent. The two players were heads up on a board of , and Cazals led out for 400 into a pot of around 1,000. His opponent quickly called.

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