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  • Congratulations to Brandon Schaefer on Winning Event #14: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Shootout ($311,174).
    Congratulations to Brandon Schaefer on Winning Event #14: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Shootout ($311,174). 06-09-2012

    Twelve players came back today with the relative same size chip stacks.

  • Jonanthan Cohen Eliminated in 2nd Place ($192,559)
    Jonanthan Cohen Eliminated in 2nd Place ($192,559) 06-09-2012

    It all came to an end in dramatic fashion. There was a semi-bluff all-in, a great call and... Jon Cohen opened the pot to 90,000 and Brendan Schaefer called to see a flop appear.

  • Schaefer Turns the Screw, Almosts Calls an All-In 06-09-2012

    Brandon Schaefer faced a raise to 85,000 that he treated to a three-bet to 225,000. Jon Cohen called but folded to a 300,000 c-bet on a flop. The very next hand Schaefer opened and faced an all-in shove for 1,550,000 from Cohen.

  • Trading Off Chips
    Trading Off Chips 06-09-2012

    This time it was Jonathan Cohen who made it 65,000 from the button preflop. A flop was flipped over after Brandon Schaefer called the preflop bet. Schaefer then checked-raised to 210,000 after Cohen bet out 80,000.

  • Nice Little Pot 06-09-2012

    Brandon Schaefer started out this hand in familiar fashion by making it 65,000 from the button. Jonathan Cohen in the big blind made the call and saw a flop. It was here that Cohen check-raised all in for about 1,250,000.

  • Turn Lead Works for Cohen 06-09-2012

    Brandon Schaefer raised to 65,000 from the button and Jon Cohen peeled to see a flop. Schaefer continued for 75,000 and Cohen check-called before he led for 175,000 on the turn. It did the job as Schaefer folded.

  • Cohen On the Move 06-09-2012

    Jonathan Cohen has come back from break with the right attitude, or maybe just the right cards. Cohen has managed to take down the past four pots.

  • Cohen's Comeback
    Cohen's Comeback 06-09-2012

    Brandon Schaefer was sitting on the button when he decided to make it 50,000 preflop. Jonathan Cohen in the big blind made the call and the dealer spread out a flop. It was here that Cohen check-called a bet of 60,000 from Schaefer.

  • Cohen Slips Further, Recovers 06-09-2012

    After that big hand Brandon Schaefer had been chipping away at Jon Cohen's stack until the latter got some back. Schaefer opened to 50,000 from the button and Cohen defended to see an flop.

  • Schaefer Soars
    Schaefer Soars 06-09-2012

    We are only a few hands into heads up and it is easy to see that both these players want it badly. Brandon Schaefer opened this most recent hand by making it 55,000 preflop.

  • Adam Kagin Eliminated in 3rd Place ($120,329)
    Adam Kagin Eliminated in 3rd Place ($120,329) 06-09-2012

    All of a sudden two players are heads up for the bracelet and all the glory that goes with it. Adam Kagin left us in third spot after he and Brandon Schaefer went to war pre flop.

  • Schaefer Moving Up
    Schaefer Moving Up 06-09-2012

    Brandon Schaefer has had the best of three handed action so far. He's picked off a bluff from each opponent and is back into second position. His latest victory came when he called a small blind raise from Jon Cohen.

  • Kagin Doubles 06-09-2012

    Adam Kagin started the action out hot by moving all in preflop from the button after Layne Flack folded from under the gun. Jonathan Cohen then folded the small blind and Brandon Schaefer called for about 300,000.

  • Schaefer Wins Huge Race
    Schaefer Wins Huge Race 06-09-2012

    Layne Flack got the better of better of Brandon Schaefer in one three-bet pot, but things went a little differently the very next hand when Flack three-bet him again. Schaefer opened to 46,000 and was three-bet to 120,000 by Flack.

  • Cautious Big Stack Play 06-09-2012

    Brandon Schaefer and Layne Flack are the two chip leaders and have mostly, until just now, avoided each other today, which is understandable. Schaefer opened to 30,000 from the button and Flack defended to see a flop.

  • Brandon vs. Brandon 06-09-2012

    Brandon Stevens opened a recent hand to 17,000 from the cut off. Big blind Brandon Schaefer was the only one willing to pay for a flop and placed the call. A flop fell, and both players checked.

  • First Blood to Schaefer 06-09-2012

    Brandon Schaefer has strengthened his position in second place after winning a pot that went all the way to the river. He opened to 18,000 from under the gun and was called by Layne Flack in mid position and Jeff Madsen in the big blind.

  • Jarred Solomon Eliminated in 11th Place ($17,544)
    Jarred Solomon Eliminated in 11th Place ($17,544) 06-09-2012

    What an incredible start to today's play! We lost Jarred Solomon on the second hand played out at his table. He called a Brandon Schaefer's under the gun raise, and then bets of 47,000, 105,000, and 199,000 on each street.

  • Schaefer Shows His Class 06-08-2012

    Brandon Schaefer is up to around 76,000 after he made a great river call versus Mustafa Khan. Khan was in the big blind and led for 10,000 on the river of a board. Schaefer called with for ace-high, beating Khan's for nine-high.

  • Schaefer Flying High 06-07-2012

    Brandon Schaefer has $784,905 of live tournaments winnings to his name, and an EPT title. He hasn't been around as much as late and he has a good reason why.

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