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  • Portaro Silenced
    Portaro Silenced 07-11-2014

    After beginning the day with over 72,000, Australian Bruno Portaro has been eliminated.

  • Tolokno Takes From Portaro
    Tolokno Takes From Portaro 07-10-2014

    Picking up the action after the river of a board reading with about 21,000 in the pot, Bruno Portaro bet 10,200 from the small blind.

  • Portaro Building Into Six Figures
    Portaro Building Into Six Figures 07-08-2014

    Back in Australia, Bruno Portaro is known as somewhat of a loose cannon.

  • Portaro Not Intimidated
    Portaro Not Intimidated 07-09-2013

    We arrived at the table, just as Australian Bruno Portaro opened to 225 from the button. His opponent in the small blind then bumped it up to 725, which saw the big blind get out of the way.

  • Antonius Off to a Great Start
    Antonius Off to a Great Start 01-29-2013

    Patrik Antonius entered the field earlier this level, and already he's up to more than twice the starting stack! We didn't catch the hand that got him there, but we did see him win a decent one against Bruno Portaro.

  • Portaro Sets Sail
    Portaro Sets Sail 01-24-2012

    We saw Bruno Portaro, who had been moved to the upstairs tournament area, wandering around downstairs. It appeared he had been eliminated from the tournament, and after a quick check with him, it was verified.

  • No Harm in Asking
    No Harm in Asking 01-23-2012

    Bruno Portaro risked a large chunk of his stack in trying to bust Xin Zhao, but he got the job done. Zhao raised to 725 out of a 7,000 stack and called all-in when Portaro three-bet all-in from the big blind.

  • Limping to the Exit
    Limping to the Exit 01-21-2012

    Dennis Huntley will be dreading the day he decided to limp with from under the gun. Bruno Portaro was the player going toe-to-toe with Huntley as the flop hit the felt. This is when Huntley got his stack all in.

  • Portaro Takes It Down
    Portaro Takes It Down 01-21-2012

    The action started when Andrew Hinrichsen opened the pot from under the gun. The bounty player enticed Adam Cusenza and Bruno Portaro to make the call as the flop was dealt. All three players checked on the flop and the hit the turn.

  • Glazier Shoving Light?
    Glazier Shoving Light? 01-13-2012

    Jackie Glazier is currently one of the short stacks in the room but has recently picked up some much needed chips. A recent hand saw Glazier shove her stack in the middle.

  • Drewe Well On His Way to a Title Defense
    Drewe Well On His Way to a Title Defense 01-12-2012

    We're not quite sure how it happened, but the defending champion of this event, Martin Drewe, has amassed a monster stack of 37,000, nearly 4x the starting stack. As far as we can tell, it is one of the biggest stacks in the room.

  • Chatty Portaro
    Chatty Portaro 07-29-2011

    Bruno Portaro got quite chatty over at his table, as the following hand played out. Portaro limped from early position and said, "Just this one time, I won't raise.

  • See You Next Time Bruno
    See You Next Time Bruno 01-30-2011

    Bruno Portaro is the latest player on the rail, his efforts netting him a AUD$2,500 prize. Gerasimos Deres was the player that sent Portaro home, when he held against Portaro's .

  • Prifti Wasn't Shoving Light
    Prifti Wasn't Shoving Light 01-30-2011

    Shane Sigsbee raised under the gun to 4,900 and Angelo Prifti moved all-in for his last 1,400 in mid-position. The table inferred he has shoved lightly and Sigsbee's original raise was called by Bruno Portaro in the big blind.

  • Play The Board
    Play The Board 01-29-2011

    Our PokerNetwork reporter came to the felt with a flop showing and Bruno Portaro leading the action in front of Tim English. The bet was 3,000 and English would make the call.

  • Waggoner Alive
    Waggoner Alive 01-29-2011

    Marsha Waggoner has a bounty around her neck and when she moved allin for her remaining 4,500 the rest of her table were licking their lips.

  • Heart Not Good Enough For Portaro
    Heart Not Good Enough For Portaro 01-29-2011

    With a raise in front, the player on the button moved his remaining 4,525 into the pot. Bruno Portaro was in the small blind and he made the call, while the initial bettor also came along to play.

  • Some Remaining Bounties
    Some Remaining Bounties 01-29-2011

    Some of the remaining bounties include Graeme Putt, Tyron Krost, Mel Judah, Bruno Portaro and Full Tilt Red Pro Steve Yea.

  • Another Says Goodbye
    Another Says Goodbye 01-27-2011

    Pot Limit Omaha Another player has hit the rail, with the elimination coming on the last hand before the break. Bruno Portaro Raised to 1,200 from late position and Justin Smith popped it to 3,800 and recieved the call.

  • Scoop The Triple Up
    Scoop The Triple Up 01-27-2011

    Stud Hi/Lo We caught the action on the river, with Gary Benson allin against two opponents.

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