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  • Neilson Out
    Neilson Out 02-06-2014

    Daniel Neilson was all in on the board with the against Uros Brkic with the . The river completed the board with the , and Neilson was eliminated.

  • Schneider Sent Off
    Schneider Sent Off 02-06-2014

    According to Daniel Neilson, he raised on the button and both Martin Rowe and Dean Schneider called out of the blinds. Rowe and Schneider checked to Neilson who tossed out a continuation bet of 13,000 a flop.

  • Neilson Raises the Flop
    Neilson Raises the Flop 02-06-2014

    Dan Neilson opened for a raise in the cutoff, Brendan Hurtig called out of the small blind, and the dealer fanned . Hurtig led out for 4,500, Neilson raised to 20,000, and Hurtig tossed his cards into the muck.

  • Clark Loses Two
    Clark Loses Two 02-05-2014

    Daniel Neilson and Zachary Clark were heads up on a board of , and Neilson checked. Clark fired out 7,600, Neilson check-raised to 28,000, and Clark called. A repeat four - the - completed the board, and Neilson fired out 44,000.

  • Raise Wars
    Raise Wars 02-04-2014

    As we near the end of the day, things are getting a bit strange in the Aussie Millions Main Event. "I'm losing it," Antonio Esfandiari recently told one of our reporters.

  • "Toothpick" Tony Gets Picked Off
    "Toothpick" Tony Gets Picked Off 02-04-2014

    "Toothpick" Tony Kambouroglou, who fired two bullets and missed in the recently completed $25,000 Challenge, was just eliminated from the tournament after getting his last 13,000 or so all in preflop holding against the of Danie

  • Neilson Sends Another Player Into the Tank
    Neilson Sends Another Player Into the Tank 02-03-2014

    On a flop of , the player in the big blind checked and Daniel Neilson put out a bet from the button. The big blind then spring to life with a check-raise, Neilson called, and the turned.

  • Neilson Forbidden Hand of Mystery
    Neilson Forbidden Hand of Mystery 02-03-2014

    Daniel Neilson has been involved in his fair share of hands today and he was involved in another one during our most recent break. On a board reading , Neilson was faced with a 2,000-chip bet from his opponent.

  • McLean Four-Bets
    McLean Four-Bets 02-03-2014

    A player in the cutoff opened to 450, Daniel Neilson three-bet to 1,125 on the button, and Luke McLean cold four-bet to 2,825 out of the big blind. Both the player in the cutoff and Neilson folded, and McLean raked in the pot.

  • Big Double for Neilson
    Big Double for Neilson 02-03-2014

    Daniel Neilson opened for 300 under the gun only to have another player three-bet to 600. The small blind flatted, Neilson called the additional 300, and three players took a flop of .

  • Flushes Everywhere
    Flushes Everywhere 09-06-2013

    We arrived at Daniel Neilson and Luke Brabin’s table to find the two Aussie players and one other player battling it out on a flop. Checked to Neilson on the button and he bet 3,700.

  • Grigg Eliminated
    Grigg Eliminated 09-06-2013

    Daniel Neilson has rocketed up to 50,000 in chips after recently eliminating Tom Grigg. Arriving at the table, we noticed both players all-in, with the board reading .

  • Come From Behind Double for Lee
    Come From Behind Double for Lee 08-04-2013

    Action folded around to Chiu Lee in the small blind who opened with a min-raise to 20,000. Jonathan Bredin sat in the big blind for a few moments before giving the command to move all in.

  • Daniel Neilson Eliminated in 8th Place (NZ$12,750)
    Daniel Neilson Eliminated in 8th Place (NZ$12,750) 08-04-2013

    Folded around to Daniel Neilson on the button and he would move his stack of 49,000 in the middle. Daniel Laidlaw was in the small blind and shoved his stack of around 170,000 in the middle, forcing Jon Pierre Narbey out of the hand.

  • Lucky Double for Dan
    Lucky Double for Dan 08-04-2013

    Daniel Neilson was looking like he was going to be the next player eliminated when he had his short stack all in preflop holding against the of Raj Ramakrishnan. Then the flop was spread on the felt and Neilson was looking great.

  • Seat 8: Daniel Neilson (Campbelltown, New South Wales) - 122,000 chips
    Seat 8: Daniel Neilson (Campbelltown, New South Wales) - 122,000 chips 08-04-2013

    Daniel Neilson would like us to think he is a former Dolphin Trainer who now earns his bread and butter as a Professional Clay Shooter.

  • Neilson Doubles, Zheng Loses
    Neilson Doubles, Zheng Loses 08-03-2013

    Action folded to Daniel Neilson and he moved all in for his last 59,000.

  • Bredin Keeps Moving Up
    Bredin Keeps Moving Up 08-03-2013

    Picking up the action on a flop of , Daniel Neilson checked from the small blind over to Jonathan Bredin who made it 18,000 to go.

  • Neilson Wins Some Back
    Neilson Wins Some Back 08-03-2013

    Daniel Neilson has taken a small chunk out of Jonathan Bredin’s stack but things could’ve been a lot worse for our chip leader.

  • Neilson the New Leader
    Neilson the New Leader 08-03-2013

    Daniel Neilson is now the chip leader. He won a couple of small pots early and has just recently scooped up a fairly large one, courtesy of former chip leader Jonathan Bredin.

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