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  • Gregg Wilkinson Eliminated in 5th Place ($128,441)
    Gregg Wilkinson Eliminated in 5th Place ($128,441) 06-12-2012

    Adria Balaguer opened the action with an under-the-gun raise to 100,000. Around in the big blind, Gregg Wilkinson three-bet shoved for just less than 800,000.

  • Wilkinson's Shove Gets Through 06-12-2012

    Cliff Goldkind raised to 80,000 from early position and Kennii Nguyen called directly behind. Gregg Wilkinson then moved all in for more than 800,000, and Goldkind quickly got out of the way.

  • Kennii Nguyen Finds An Ace, Doubles Through Wilkinson
    Kennii Nguyen Finds An Ace, Doubles Through Wilkinson 06-12-2012

    Gregg Wilkinson opened with a preflop raise, to which Kennii Nguyen responded with a three-bet worth 355,000.

  • Wilkinson Check-Shoves 06-12-2012

    Adria Balaguer raised to 80,000 to open the action, and he found calls from both Barry Shulman and Gregg Wilkinson. The latter came along from his big blind to the three-way flop. The dealer gave them , and it checked to the raiser.

  • Wilkinson Gets it in Behind 06-12-2012

    Justin McGill opened to 100,000 under the gun, and Cliff Goldkind flatted from the next seat over. Two seats further, Gregg Wilkinson found a squeezing hand, and he reraised all in for 670,000 total.

  • Smith Binks a Double 06-12-2012

    Justin McGill came into the pot with a raise to 65,000, and Gregg Wilkinson made a three-bet to 155,000 total. The action wasn't done yet, though, as Patrick Smith four-bet shoved from the big blind.

  • Wilkinson's Shove Scares Off Goldkind 06-12-2012

    David Peters raised to 60,000 from early position and it folded around to Cliff Goldkind, who three-bet to 270,000 from the button. When action came around to Gregg Wilkinson in the big blind, he moved all in for just over 800,000.

  • Balaguer Rivers a Pair 06-12-2012

    Gregg Wilkinson raised to open the pot, and Adria Balaguer defended his big blind. The flop and turn came out with the two men checking through. On the river, Balaguer made a bet of 85,000 that was called.

  • Wilkinson Binks a Double 06-12-2012

    Adria Balaguer opened the pot to 48,000 before Gregg Wilkinson three-bet shoved for 411,000 total. Next door in the big blind, Kennii Nguyen either called or re-shoved himself.

  • Balaguer Takes and Gives 06-12-2012

    One hand ago, Barry Shulman raised to 48,000 from the button to open the pot. Adria Balaguer was in the small blind, and he three-bet shoved in the form of a tall tower of green chips.

  • Eric Wasserson Eliminated in 12th Place ($31,916) 06-12-2012

    Barry Schulman raised to 45,000 from the hijack and Eric Wasserson quickly moved all in for around 285,000 from the button.

  • Goldkind Takes the Chip Lead 06-12-2012

    On the flop, Cliff Goldkind bet 86,000 and Gregg Wilkinson raised to 207,000. Goldkind fired back with a reraise to 338,000 and Wilkinson gave it up.

  • Nguyen Up To One Million 06-12-2012

    Kennii Nguyen raised to 32,000 from under the gun and Gregg Wilkinson called from the big blind. The flop came down and Wilkinson checked. Nguyen bet 56,000 and Wilkinson called. The turn was the and Wilkinson led for 98,000.

  • Day 2 in the Books; Wilkinson Leading
    Day 2 in the Books; Wilkinson Leading 06-11-2012

    Day 2 of Event 19: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em has wrapped up after another 10 levels of play. Finishing atop the final 19 was Gregg Wilkinson with 1.227 million in chips.

  • Marshack Eliminated 06-11-2012

    Stuart Marshack was all in with the versus Gregg Wilkinson's . The flop, turn and river ran out and Marshack headed out the door.

  • Mulhause Crumbles 06-11-2012

    Vince Mulhause raised all in for 120,000 and was up against Gregg Wilkinson. Mulhause held the and Wilkinson the . The board ran out and Mulhause was eliminated.

  • Wilkinson Busts Reinhart 06-11-2012

    From under the gun, Benjamin Reinhart raised all in for 102,000. In the next seat was Gregg Wilkinson and he reraised to 202,000. Everyone else folded. Wilkinson: Reinhart: The board ran out and Reinhart was eliminated.

  • Wilkinson Sends Roupe Home 06-11-2012

    Gregg Wilkinson just eliminated Thomas Roupe with the . Roupe had the . Wilkinson had opened to 22,000 and Roupe reraised all in for 162,000. Wilkinson called and the board ran out .

  • Clock on #438 06-11-2012

    With a flop spread we saw Gregg Wilkinson check-call a bet of 42,000 from Amir Lehavot. We saw a change of pace on the turn with Wilikinson betting out 60,500 instead of checking. Action was then on Lehavot who went deep into the tank.

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