Written on January 18 2012 by manilare

I've got it ! It's not a penis thing

There was no way I was giving up this pot or that pot ,who says 3c4d has no right being in the pot on a board of AcKhKs3d4h? Have I got the wisdom to let go of two pair even when I feel like I might be good or that villain is bluffing trying to get me off a weak K. Well of course I do have the wisdom but I don't need to prove it because I'm good...and then the reasoning kicks in ,I am only playing 2c/5c stakes so all in is only costing me $3 per hand so why not call ?Along with the financial justification comes the value of probability that I worked out .

HEM2, play solid, Poker, stats, theory, vpip.

Written on November 24 2011 by manilare

More Info I get the worse off I am

First I was just calling down anything chasing what I didn't know was 4 outers or 9 out flush draw type hands.then I discovered TV poker and a vague notion of percentages ,position and bluffing ,this in turn made me a knowledgeable player or so I thought.There I was happy in my existence the old ignorance is bliss without even being aware of it because I was ignorant to  being ignorant which made it bliss and in turn meant I was blissfully unaware because I was ignorant to the fact that I was ignorant.

HEM, HEM2, online, poker theory, stats.

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