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  • A Fairly Ridiculous Runout
    A Fairly Ridiculous Runout 07-12-2014

    Brian Hastings checked to Jeremy Jagoda on a flop of , and he tossed out 20,000. Hastings check-min-raised to 40,000, Jagoda called, and the turn was the . Hastings led out for another 40,000, Jagoda called, and the completed the board.

  • Siffledeen Shoves on Juanda
    Siffledeen Shoves on Juanda 07-11-2014

    We caught the action when the dealer put on the flop and Quentin Siffledeen checked from early position. John Juanda, on the button, bet 18,000 and Siffledeen called.

  • Juanda Busts Boyd
    Juanda Busts Boyd 07-10-2014

    Dutch Boyd was all in with versus John Juanda's . After the board ran out , Boyd was eliminated.

  • Two Bullets Enough for Juanda
    Two Bullets Enough for Juanda 07-10-2014

    John Juanda raised to 1,700 in early position, Antonio Moreno called on the button, and the two took a flop of . Juanda led out for 2,800, Moreno called, and the turn was the . Juanda fired out another 5,600, and Moreno folded.

  • Juanda Doubles Through Boyd
    Juanda Doubles Through Boyd 07-10-2014

    Dutch Boyd and John Juanda were heads up on a completed board of , and Boyd led out for 5,500. Juanda raised to 13,900, Boyd reraised, and Juanda called all in for 21,425.

  • Boyd Puts the Pressure On Juanda
    Boyd Puts the Pressure On Juanda 07-10-2014

    Dutch Boyd opened with a raise to 1,300, and John Juanda reraised to 3,750 in position. Action folded back to Boyd, and he called to see the flop come down . After Boyd checked, Juanda bet 2,200.

  • Juanda Lets One Go
    Juanda Lets One Go 07-08-2014

    The player under the gun raised to 600 and Ajay Gnanasambanthan called two seats from his left. John Juanda, in the next seat over, called as well and the small blind, Brandon Wong too.

  • Miller Doubles Through Juanda
    Miller Doubles Through Juanda 07-08-2014

    We found John Juanda with 1,500 in front of him before the flop, and Anthony Miller put out a raise to what looked like 4,400, and Juanda made the call. The flop brought , and Juanda checked.

  • Sweet Start for Juanda
    Sweet Start for Juanda 07-08-2014

    John Juanda start of this year's World Series of Poker Main Event couldn't have gone much better as he's already up to 67,000 chips.

  • Reinkemeier Knocks Lindgren Out
    Reinkemeier Knocks Lindgren Out 07-01-2014

    Erick Lindgren was down to just 715,000 when he just moved all in from cutoff, the hand over John Juanda had busted.

  • Juanda Eliminated by Ivey
    Juanda Eliminated by Ivey 07-01-2014

    Action folded all of the way around the table to John Juanda in the small blind. He moved all in for his last roughly 800,000 and Phil Ivey instantly called from the big blind.

  • Juanda Tank-Folds
    Juanda Tank-Folds 07-01-2014

    John Juanda raised to 120,000 on the button, Tony Gregg three-bet to 310,000 out of the small blind, and Juanda made the call. The dealer fanned , Gregg led out for 220,000, and Juanda tank-called.

  • HongKongTom888
    HongKongTom888 07-01-2014

    Tom Hall raised to 125,000 from middle position, John Juanda three-bet to 375,000 in the cutoff, and Hall called. The dealer fanned , Hall checked, and Juanda fired out another 375,000. Hall called.

  • Sands of Time
    Sands of Time 06-30-2014

    John Juanda and David "Doc" Sands were heads up going to the flop in a raised pot. The dealer fanned on the felt and Juanda came out swinging with a bet of 80,000. Sands cut out a call and the came down on fourth street.

  • Gruissem's Had Enough
    Gruissem's Had Enough 06-30-2014

    John Juanda raised to 47,000 from under the gun, and four players called - Philipp Gruissem (hijack), Talal Shakerchi (cutoff), Tom Hall (button), and Brian Rast (small blind).

  • Weird Things Happening
    Weird Things Happening 06-30-2014

    On the final board of , Philipp Gruissem and John Juanda were in action. Gruissem checked, and Juanda fired 220,000. This all seemed like an innocent river bet, but then things got a little funky.

  • Brunson Has a Red Ace
    Brunson Has a Red Ace 06-25-2014

    Limit Hold'em Todd Brunson raised to two bets on the button, John Juanda defended his big blind, and the flop was all diamonds; . Juanda checked, Brunson continued, and Juanda put in a check-raise. Brunson called.

  • "Nice Call, Doyle"
    "Nice Call, Doyle" 06-25-2014

    Limit Hold'em John Juanda was the first player to act and he made it two bets. Doyle Brunson raised to three bets in middle position, the action folded back to Juanda who called, and the two took a flop of .

  • Brunson Pressured By Juanda
    Brunson Pressured By Juanda 06-25-2014

    Pot-Limit Omaha Todd Brunson raised to 7,000 from the cutoff and John Juanda responded with a three-bet from the small blind to 24,000. Brunson tanked for a bit before making the call.

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