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  • Cheong Checks Out
    Cheong Checks Out 07-11-2013

    Joseph Cheong opened to 2,500 in middle position, a player three-bet to 9,600 out of the small blind, and Cheong moved all in for 34,600. His opponent snap-called. Cheong: Opponent: The board rolled out , and Cheong hit the rail.

  • Cheong Chipping Up 07-09-2013

    Joseph Cheong is one of the very best tournament players in the world, one who goes about his day terrorizing his opponents with a barrage of three, four and five bets.

  • Peters Turns Set and Doubles His Stack 07-09-2013

    David Peters has doubled up after having a set of tens paid off moments ago. We joined the action on a board reading where Peters led for 2,200 from his seat in late position.

  • Joseph Cheong vs. David Peters 07-09-2013

    Joseph Cheong raised to 600 from under the gun and David Peters called from the hijack. The flop fell and Cheong continued for 900. A call from Peters landed the turn which Cheong bet 1,625 at.

  • Yevgeniy Timoshenko Eliminated in 22nd Place ($26,124); Joseph Cheong Eliminated in 21st Place ($26,124)
    Yevgeniy Timoshenko Eliminated in 22nd Place ($26,124); Joseph Cheong Eliminated in 21st Place ($26,124) 07-08-2013

    Further proof of the wild, swingy nature of pot-limit Omaha was provided in a big three-way all-in hand that just developed between Jared Bleznick (small blind), Joseph Cheong (middle position), and Yevgeniy Timoshenko (cutoff).

  • Watson's Quick Slide Ends in 29th 07-08-2013

    Mike Watson began the day second in chips, but after losing a big all-in hand with to Tom Marchese's his stack was more than cut in half.

  • Cheong Crams the Flop 07-07-2013

    Joseph Cheong limped in from early position, Marcel Luske called behind him, and so too did four other players. The dealer fanned , both blinds and Cheong checked, and Luske fired out 18,000.

  • One for Andersson 07-07-2013

    Fredrik Andersson raised to 10,000 from the cutoff seat and got calls from both blinds — Joseph Cheong and Marcel Luske. The flop came , and it checked to Andersson who promptly bet 12,500. Cheong let his hand go, but Luske called.

  • Cheong Among The Leaders
    Cheong Among The Leaders 07-05-2013

    We've counted Joseph Cheong's stack as containing 29,400 chips and that puts him in the top 10 chip counts in our book.

  • "It's a Charity, so I'll Gamble" 07-04-2013

    We didn't quite see all the action but we're pretty sure Justin Schwartz had three bet Jospeh Cheong's early open to 700 and someone in the blinds had called.

  • Tournament Loses Three Stars 06-28-2013

    The waters of Event #49 are a little less shark infested thanks to the recent bust outs of three big names.

  • Crane Building Towers 06-28-2013

    Russell Crane has already managed to reach the money in four events at the 2013 WSOP and is looking a good bet to add cash number five by the time Event #49 is over with.

  • The River Check-Raise (Part II) 06-27-2013

    Joseph Cheong raised it to 2,400 under-the-gun and Rachid Ben Cherif in the small blind was the only caller. Both players checked the flop and Ben Cherif checked again on the on the turn. Cheong made it 3,500 and Ben Cherif made the call.

  • Cheong Gets Chopped 06-25-2013

    We saw an extremely short-stacked Joseph Cheong discussing his plans to play a One Drop satellite later today, and soon enough, he was headed out the door.

  • Cheong Doubles 06-25-2013

    We arrived to see Joseph Cheong all in and at risk against Steven Hanson. Both players drew one card and tabled their hands. Cheong: Hanson: "Well, you have a better draw than me," lamented Cheong.

  • Williams Doubles Through Cheong 06-25-2013

    We came upon David Williams all in from the small blind for his last 13,600 and was up against Joseph Cheong in the big blind. Cheong called and Williams drew one card. Cheong stood pat and tabled his hand.

  • Chips For Cheong 06-24-2013

    Phil Laak opened the action by raising to 1,050 from under the gun. Joseph Cheong called from the next seat over and the two were joined to the draw by Richard Ashby from the small blind and the player in the big blind.

  • Mercier Will Not Be Our 2-7 Champion 06-24-2013

    We missed the precise pre draw action but it appeared as if Joseph Cheong was all in for 7,250. Jason Mercier was all in as well (for 5,925) and Kevin Wert on the button had made the call.

  • Cheong Down Early 06-24-2013

    Joseph Cheong raised to 600 from early position and it folded around to the player in the big blind who three-bet to 2,500. Cheong called and drew one after his opponent stood pat.

  • Cheong Exits 06-23-2013

    We arrived at the table, just as Joseph Cheong was standing up from his seat and heading for the exit. The board was spread out , with Cheong’s losing to his opponents .

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