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  • Sad Kitty
    Sad Kitty 04-15-2014

    In the end is was Vanessa Selbst who did for Kitty Kuo.

  • Kuo and Ravnsbaek Both Take a Hit
    Kuo and Ravnsbaek Both Take a Hit 04-15-2014

    With 4,000 or so in the pot and a board reading , both Simon Ravnsbaek and Alberto Musini checked to Kitty Kuo, who bet 2,000 from the button. Both checkers called and then all three players checked the river.

  • Big Pots Only for Selbst
    Big Pots Only for Selbst 04-14-2014

    Carl Henrikss, a Swedish PokerStars player, was next to tangle with Vanessa Selbst. The flop was and Selbst, first to act, bet 500. She was raised to 1,000 by Henriksson in the cut-off and she made the call.

  • Raise Flop, Raise River
    Raise Flop, Raise River 04-14-2014

    Kitty Kuo opened the cutoff for 350 and found two callers. Vanessa Selbst on the button came a long and so did Carl Henriksson in the big blind. on the flop and Henriksson checked to initial raiser Kuo.

  • Selbsts Three-Bets
    Selbsts Three-Bets 04-14-2014

    Kitty Kuo wasn’t the victim of a Vanessa Selbst three-bet but Alberto Musini, an Italian PokerStars player, was. He opened for 350 and Selbst made it 800 from the button.

  • Ladies!
    Ladies! 04-14-2014

    Kitty Kuo and Vanessa Selbst are side by side in the PokerStars.it EPT Main Event today. Selbst took her seat just now, she skipped the first level. If Kuo is indeed already up to 100,000 is unsire at this time.

  • Kuo Out
    Kuo Out 02-04-2014

    kuo hui chen @kittykuopokerI can't believe I am bust out in day 1 main event,shouldn't watch poker run it once,the pro was very tight,make me play so badly tight thereFebruary 04, 2014ReplyRetweetFavoriteFollow @kittykuopoker!function(d,s,i

  • Pietrzak Doubles Through Kuo
    Pietrzak Doubles Through Kuo 09-04-2013

    Kitty Kuo raised from middle position to 9,000 and Piotr Pietrzak moved all in for 34,000 total from the big blind. Kuo thought about the decision for a moment before casually tossing out a call.

  • Kitty Has 9999 Lives
    Kitty Has 9999 Lives 09-03-2013

    We arrived at the table to find Kitty Kuo all in and at risk for her last 21,075 before the flop against Milan Polke. Kuo tabled but let out a concerned grown when Polke showed to crush her.

  • Seiborg Returns
    Seiborg Returns 09-03-2013

    Erik Seidel is back in action at the main event tournament today after his Super High Roller exploits yesterday, and is sitting at Liv Boeree’s table.

  • Four-Bet Ship From Kuo
    Four-Bet Ship From Kuo 09-03-2013

    We picked up with the action on a flop of to see Kitty Kuo heads up with Anthony Mowad. Mowad fired 1,600 and Kuo came over the top with a raise to what looked to be 3,800.

  • Kitty Kuo Eliminated in 17th Place ($23,760)
    Kitty Kuo Eliminated in 17th Place ($23,760) 07-02-2013

    Matias Ruzzi opened to 47,000 only to have Loni Harwood three-bet the cutoff to 105,000. With the action on Kitty Kuo on the button, she moved all in for 266,000 to force Ruzzi's cards into the muck before Harwood called.

  • Chop It Up
    Chop It Up 07-02-2013

    After a raise - to what appeared to be 35,000 - Heath Mendelsohn three-bet to 81,000. With the action on Kitty Kuo in the small blind, she moved all in for roughly 300,000.

  • Kitty Busts Another
    Kitty Busts Another 07-01-2013

    Kitty Kuo opened to 18,000 from middle position and faced a raise from the cutoff of 22,000 in total. Kuo tossed in the extra 4,000 chips to make the call.

  • Hansen Sent Home by Kitty
    Hansen Sent Home by Kitty 07-01-2013

    Thor Hansen's tournament is over after a clash with Kitty Kuo. We didn't catch the hand taking place, but we saw Hansen leaving and Kuo stacking up her chips, which now total 530,000.

  • Kitty Claws Her Way to 390K
    Kitty Claws Her Way to 390K 07-01-2013

    Kitty Kuo has almost 400,000 chips and is in contention for the bracelet here in Event #53.

  • Kitty Has Nine Lives
    Kitty Has Nine Lives 04-25-2013

    Kitty Kuo was all in and at risk before the flop holding . Unfortunately for Kuo, she was crushed by Oliver Langner's . The flop brought down and Kuo was still mining for an eight to stay alive.

  • Kitty Pryde
    Kitty Pryde 04-23-2013

    We got to the table to see Youssafi Kahlil and Kitty Kuo looking down at a flop of . Kahlil moved his last 9,600 all in and Kuo made the call.

  • Kitty Game's Down the Street
    Kitty Game's Down the Street 04-23-2013

    Jannick Wrang opened to 950 from under the gun, and the action folded all the way to Kitty Kuo, who called in the big blind. The dealer fanned , Kuo checked, and Wrang continued for 1,400. Kuo quickly called.

  • Volpe Vanishes
    Volpe Vanishes 04-23-2013

    Paul Volpe is no longer seated in the main tournament area here on Day 1b of the EPT Berlin Main Event. We went over to investigate the situation, and thankfully Kitty Kuo was nice enough to share the details.

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