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  • Martin Kozlov Eliminated in 16th Place (AUD$9,175)
    Martin Kozlov Eliminated in 16th Place (AUD$9,175) 09-08-2013

    Right before the players moved to their new seats at the final two tables, Martin Kozlov was eliminated in 16th place. Kozlov got all his chips in holding on a flop against Phi Luu, who held .

  • Kozlov Doubles Through Damelian
    Kozlov Doubles Through Damelian 09-08-2013

    We arrived at the action with Martin Kozlov having opened from under the gun and Jazz Mathers having called from the small blind. Robert Damelian was in the big blind and three-bet to 48,000. Back on Kozlov and he moved all in for 139,000.

  • Kozlov Doubles
    Kozlov Doubles 09-07-2013

    The action folded around to Martin Kozlov on the button who opened to 8,000. His opponent on the big blind made the call as the came on the flop. A quick check saw Kozlov throw out a continuation bet of 14,500.

  • Martin Kozlov Eliminated in 36th Place
    Martin Kozlov Eliminated in 36th Place 03-23-2013

    Two players have recently hit the rail. We missed Cathal Shine being eliminated in 37th place before the break, but we were able to catch the bust out of Martin Kozlov in the first hand back.

  • Kozlov Drops
    Kozlov Drops 03-21-2013

    The action started with Martin Kozlov opening to 400 before facing a raise to 950 from an opponent in middle position. The flop came , and Kozlov check-called a bet of 1,100.

  • Angle Play
    Angle Play 03-23-2012

    When the action folded to Martin Kozlov on the button, he threw out a bet of 800. That was enough for a min-raise during the previous blind level, but in this level it was only good for less than half a min-raise.

  • Kozlov Runs Queens Into Kings
    Kozlov Runs Queens Into Kings 01-14-2012

    In the second to last hand of the evening, a short-stack early-position player moved all in for 28,500 and was called by Martin Kozlov. The player in the cutoff then moved all in for around 60,000, which barely had Kozlov covered.

  • Battle of Some Big Stacks
    Battle of Some Big Stacks 01-14-2012

    Martin Kozlov opened from middle position for 4,800 only to have Kenna James three-bet to 11,300 from the cutoff. The button and both blinds folded, putting action back on Koslov.

  • Kozlov On The Move
    Kozlov On The Move 01-14-2012

    Martin Kozlov has risen up the chip leaders this evening, currently sitting behind a very healthy stack of over 60,000. We caught a recent hand in which Kozlov added to his stack. A raised pot saw Kozlov and one opponent take to a flop.

  • Three-Way Action For Kozlov
    Three-Way Action For Kozlov 01-14-2012

    Martin Kozlov was just involved in a three-way all in and managed to creep in to take at least a portion of the pot.

  • Kozlov Can't Catch
    Kozlov Can't Catch 01-13-2012

    Martin Kozlov has seen his last hand of this tournament, with the hand that would be the end of Kozlov's evening.

  • Kozlov Can Catch Chips
    Kozlov Can Catch Chips 01-13-2012

    We came to Martin Kozlov's table with a board showing and one opponent with a 4,600-chip bet out in front of him. Kozlov was on the button and after a few moments thought, decided to jam his stack all in.

  • No Can Do For Kozlov
    No Can Do For Kozlov 01-13-2012

    Martin Kozlov has joined the huge contingent of players who have hit the rail this evening. Kozlov's demise came when he was all in preflop holding and came up against the of an opponent.

  • Martin Kozlov Eliminated in 2nd Place (AUD$55,000)
    Martin Kozlov Eliminated in 2nd Place (AUD$55,000) 01-30-2011

    The blinds were increasing ever higher as Martin Kozlov's stack was getting ever smaller. Kozlov was in the big blind when Gerasimos Deres made the flat call, at this point Kozlov would move allin.

  • Tough Spot for Kozlov
    Tough Spot for Kozlov 01-30-2011

    Martin Kozlov limped his button, and Gerasimos Deres raised to 64,000. Kozlov called. Flop: - Deres bet out 58,000, and Kozlov called. Turn: - Deres checked to Kozlov, who checked behind.

  • Deres Building
    Deres Building 01-30-2011

    Martin Kozlov flat called from the button and Gerasimos checked his option sending flying out on the flop. Deres checked on this flop and Kozlov bet 25,000.

  • Deres And The Duece
    Deres And The Duece 01-30-2011

    Martin Kozlov raised the button as is a current custom in this heads-up match and Gerasimos Deres made the call. The flop rolled over and with a couple of checks. The turn was the and Deres would check to Kozlov.

  • No Flops
    No Flops 01-30-2011

    The last five hands have seen the button take down the blinds, with no flops seen. The trading of chips has continued to leave the stacks as they stood, with Martin Kozlov having a slight chip lead over Gerasimos Deres.

  • Kozlov Loses Lead
    Kozlov Loses Lead 01-30-2011

    When Gerasimos Deres raised from the button, Martin Kozlov would re-raise and send another 61,000 chip decision to Deres. Deres would then slide in a large stack of chips, enough for a 100,000 or so raise.

  • Kozlov Takes Big Lead
    Kozlov Takes Big Lead 01-30-2011

    The first big hand of heads up play has just occured with Martin Kozlov coming out the victor and surging ahead of Gerasimos Deres.

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