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  • Mixer Over Judah
    Mixer Over Judah 07-04-2014

    No-Limit 2-7 Single Draw Mel Judah popped it up to 2,400 from the button and Michael Mixer flatted out of the big blind. Mixer stood pat at the draw and Judah picked up one new card.

  • Judah Busts to Rybachenko
    Judah Busts to Rybachenko 06-17-2014

    Mel Judah just sent the last of his chips over to fellow short stack Sergey Rybachenko.

  • Judah Doubles Through Negreanu
    Judah Doubles Through Negreanu 06-17-2014

    Daniel Negreanu has managed to keep his stack hovering around the same number despite handing out numerous doubles.

  • Judah Chips Up
    Judah Chips Up 06-17-2014

    Mel Judah bet several streets against George Rechnitzer before both players checked seventh. Judah: / / Rechnitzer: / / Rechnitzer tabled his , but it would be Judah's / that would see him scoop the pot.

  • Judah Gone
    Judah Gone 06-14-2014

    Australian Mel Judah has just been eliminated from the tournament after finding himself all in for his last 575 by fifth street as he and his opponent's board ran out as follows: Judah: / / Opponent: / / With his opponent making

  • Judah Raises the River
    Judah Raises the River 06-28-2013

    Mel Judah called Vladimir Shchmelev's 200,000 turn bet with the board reading . The river was the , and Shchmelev slid out a small stack of green T25,000 chips. Judah slid out a far larger tower of the chips, and Shchmelev quickly folded.

  • Brian Hacker Eliminated in 4th Place ($91,085)
    Brian Hacker Eliminated in 4th Place ($91,085) 06-28-2013

    Brian Hacker opened for a raise on the button, and Vladimir Shchmelev repotted from the small blind. Mel Judah folded the big blind, and Hacker called off. Hacker: Shchmelev: A flop of gave Hacker a set and Shchmelev a low draw.

  • Judah Hits a Gin Card
    Judah Hits a Gin Card 06-28-2013

    Mel Judah raised to 40,000 under the gun, and Ashly Butler called from the button, as did Brian Hacker in the big blind. The flop came , and Hacker checked. Judah bet 100,000, and both opponents called.

  • John O'Shea Eliminated in 12th Place ($17,219)
    John O'Shea Eliminated in 12th Place ($17,219) 06-28-2013

    Mel Judah eliminated John O'Shea with on a board of . O'Shea had held , so his jacks were no good against Judah's kings.

  • Judah Dodges Outs
    Judah Dodges Outs 06-28-2013

    Mel Judah and Alexey Makarov got all in before the flop. Judah: Makarov: Makarov had double-suited aces with an ace-deuce, a dream hand. The dream got a little scary when , giving Judah two-pair.

  • O'Shea Doubles Through Judah
    O'Shea Doubles Through Judah 06-28-2013

    John O'Shea and Mel Judah got it all in preflop with a couple of strong hands. Judah: O'Shea: O'Shea's double-suited aces were ahead, and he pulled farther ahead on the flop. The turn sealed things, and O'Shea doubled up.

  • Ari Engel Eliminated in 17th Place ($10,699)
    Ari Engel Eliminated in 17th Place ($10,699) 06-28-2013

    Ari Engel and Joshua Weiland got it all in before the flop. Engel: Weiland: The board ran out , doubling Weiland up. A short time later, Engel got all in with against an opponent who held .

  • Sanders Chipping Up
    Sanders Chipping Up 06-27-2013

    John Cernuto limped the cutoff and both Michael Sanders and Mel Judah came along from the blinds to see a flop spread by the dealer. Sanders led out for 9,000 to force a fold from Judah and a call from Cernuto as the fell on the turn.

  • Judah Chipping Up
    Judah Chipping Up 06-27-2013

    Catching the action on the flop of we found the big blind leading out with an all in bet of 13,700. Zhen Cai went into the tank before folding as Mel Judah snap-called.

  • Friends Reunited
    Friends Reunited 06-26-2013

    Jeff Lisandro, fresh from finishing fourth in the $10,000 No Limit 2-7 Draw Lowball event this evening, has flicked in the $3,000 required to participate in this event and is vying for another WSOP final table appearance.

  • Judah Doubles
    Judah Doubles 06-19-2013

    Mel Judah committed his last 23,000 pre-flop holding {8}, and was called by Joao Simao, who tabled {2hKc}. The hand was won on the turn, as the board ran out to see Judah move up to 46,000 in chips.

  • Judah on the River
    Judah on the River 06-19-2013

    The player on the button opened to 3,600, and was called by Mel Judah from the blinds, as the flop came down . Judah check-called a continuation bet of 3,500 and then again check-called a bet of 6,000 on the turn.

  • Judah and The Duke
    Judah and The Duke 06-15-2013

    Both Mel Judah and The Duke of Fremont are our latest casualties.

  • Australian Legend Wins One; Rheem and Hastings Bounced
    Australian Legend Wins One; Rheem and Hastings Bounced 06-03-2013

    No Limit Hold'em In a recent hand, a player in middle position opened for 450 and Judah defended from the small blind. Judah proceeded to check-call a bet of 650 on the flop and then both players checked the turn.

  • Judah Can’t Dodge Bullets
    Judah Can’t Dodge Bullets 03-22-2013

    The hand started with a player opening to 1,600, before Mel Judah in middle position, raised to 3,700 in chips. The action folded around to the player in the small bind, who went all-in for her remaining 12,100 in chips.

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