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  • The Truth Denied
    The Truth Denied 07-11-2014

    From the hijack, Michael Binger opened to 9,000 and Paul Pierce made the call in the cutoff before Christopher Smith three-bet the button to 17,000. Binger folded, but Pierce made the call as the dealer spread a flop.

  • Pierce Back to 200K; Moneymaker Joins Table
    Pierce Back to 200K; Moneymaker Joins Table 07-11-2014

    Paul Pierce reached for chips, slowly flicking out a raise to 6,000 from under the gun, and the action folded to a player in the small blind. He called, Michael Binger surrendered his big blind, and the pair took a flop of .

  • Binger Drives On Pierce
    Binger Drives On Pierce 07-11-2014

    Action folded to Michael Binger in the cutoff seat, and he raised to 7,000. Paul Pierce called on the button, and the flop came down . Binger continued with a bet of 10,000, and Pierce called to see the turn.

  • Zhao Zings Binger
    Zhao Zings Binger 07-13-2012

    Michael Binger was all in preflop for his last 145,000 with , but he ran into the of Susie Zhao. The board brought no miracles for Binger, coming , and a devasted Binger headed to the rail.

  • Binger Straightens Out
    Binger Straightens Out 07-13-2012

    Michael Binger raised from early position only to have a short-stacked player move all in from middle position for 39,000.

  • Dani Stern With Binger
    Dani Stern With Binger 07-13-2012

    Dani Stern and Michael Binger were moved to the same table a while before dinner and we just caught them in a hand together. Binger was in middle position when he opened up the pot with a raise.

  • Wattel Bests Binger
    Wattel Bests Binger 07-07-2012

    Mike Wattel and Michael Binger got all of Binger's stack in before the draw. Binger drew one card while Wattel stood pat. "I have a very good ten," said Wattel, tabling . Binger showed but pulled the and was sent to the rail.

  • Binger Binks It
    Binger Binks It 07-07-2012

    Michael Binger raised to 12,000 and was called by Rep Porter. Porter took one at the draw while Binger added two new cards to his hand. Porter bet 15,000 and Binger snap called, tabling .

  • Binger Tanks, Then Doubles
    Binger Tanks, Then Doubles 07-07-2012

    The action folded to Jean-Robert Bellande, who raised to 12,000 on the button. Nick Schulman folded his small blind, and Michael Binger went into the tank from the big.

  • Binger Busts Zalewski
    Binger Busts Zalewski 07-07-2012

    Michael Binger opened with a raise to 6,000 and Hertzel Zalewski three-bet all in for 26,000. Binger called and the two were off to the draw. PlayerDraw BingerPat Zalewski1 Binger tabled for a jack-ten low.

  • Binger Calls With Pair; It's Good
    Binger Calls With Pair; It's Good 07-07-2012

    We caught up to find John Juanda and Michael Binger both draw one card. With about 13,000 in the pot, John Juanda led out for 15,000. Binger squeezed out his card and added to his hand.

  • Bing!...er
    Bing!...er 07-07-2012

    Michael Binger raised to 4,200 from middle position and Konstantin Puchkov called from the big blind. PlayerDraw Puchkov1 Binger2 Puchkov fired out a 4,500 only to have Binger raise to 11,500.

  • Greenstein Pushes Binger Out
    Greenstein Pushes Binger Out 07-06-2012

    Michael Binger opened to 1,000 from the button and Barry Greenstein called from the small blind. Greenstein took two cards and Binger opted to take one. Greenstein checked post-draw and Binger fired 1,600.

  • "I Squeezed the Wrong Card!"
    "I Squeezed the Wrong Card!" 07-06-2012

    Barry Greenstein opened the betting with a raise to 300 from under the gun. It folded to Justin Bonomo who called from the small blind. Michael Binger made it 1,400 to go and Greenstein quickly called.

  • Binger Busto
    Binger Busto 07-01-2012

    2-7 No-Limit Single Draw Michael Binger has two cashes so far at this year's World Series of Poker, but he won't be adding another today.

  • Cousineau Fills Up to Eliminate Schuler
    Cousineau Fills Up to Eliminate Schuler 06-28-2012

    Roch Cousineau, who began the day as the second largest stack, opened for 2,400 from middle position and then called a raise to 7,800 by Kelly Schuler, who began the hand with around 14,000.

  • Baker Sends Binger Packing
    Baker Sends Binger Packing 06-27-2012

    2-7 Triple Draw Michael Binger was all in with one draw to come against David "ODB" Baker. Binger had and drawing against Baker's . Binger pulled a to pair up and lost the pot.

  • Binger Takes Out Morad
    Binger Takes Out Morad 06-27-2012

    No-Limit Hold'em Qushqar Morad has just been eliminated by Michael Binger. Binger raised it up from early position to 12,000 and Morad moved all in for his final 104,000 chips. Binger called and the following showdown went down.

  • Bari's Getting Short
    Bari's Getting Short 06-27-2012

    Stud-8 Allen Bari / / Michael Binger / / Allen Bari completed on third street and Michael Binger called. Bari bet fourth, Binger called. On fifth street both players checked, and Bari bet again on sixth. Binger called.

  • Blom Takes Out Chambers
    Blom Takes Out Chambers 06-27-2012

    Omaha-8 Tom Chambers was just all in for his final 16,300 and both Viktor Blom and Michael Binger decided to call. The flop came down , Binger bet, Blom raised and Binger called. The turn was the and Binger check-called.

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