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  • Best of British 06-28-2013

    Over at the far end of the room, two British players are seated together, locked in deep conversation (probably about the weather, to be honest).

  • Brunner Takes on Channing 06-10-2013

    Neil Channing opened to 300 from the cutoff seat and Brian Brunner defended his big blind with a call. Both players checked the flop but Brunner led out for 400 when the fell on the turn.

  • Four Hours of Late Registration 02-02-2013

    There are plenty of players lingering around in the tournament area, none of which have taken a seat so far in the $25,000 Challenge. Late registration is open for four hours and we might see many more enter.

  • Channing's Day Comes to an End 01-30-2013

    Neil Channing@SenseiChanningBust. Miserable day. Had great table but a bad seat. Pretty card dead but ran bad with odd big hands. Finally shoved 16bbs with A10.

  • Channing Frustrated 01-30-2013

    Neil Channing@SenseiChanningGone from 140k to 67k. Not playing too great & haven't won a pot for almost 2 hours. Frustrating. 20 mins at 800/1600 #AussieMillionsJanuary 29 2013ReplyRetweetFavoriteFollow

  • Frank Rusnak Leads After Day 1b
    Frank Rusnak Leads After Day 1b 01-29-2013

    A total of 196 players signed up for Day 1b of the Aussie Millions Main Event. This brings the total amount of players after two days up to 353. That's 13 more than last year after two starting days.

  • Channing Chipping Up 01-29-2013

    A player in early position opened for a raise, Neil Channing three-bet from the blinds, and the flop fell . Channing led out for 1,600, and his opponent called. The turn was the , both players checked, and the completed the board.

  • Channing Gets His Jack 01-28-2013

    "I just played brilliantly," Neil Channing just said as we passed by his table. "Do you want me to explain what happend," he asked, and we kindly took him up on his offer.

  • Conway and Channing Check It Down 07-09-2012

    Thomas Conway opened for 700 from middle position and action folded around to Neil Channing, who three-bet to 1,625. It was folded back to Conway, who chucked in a call for a heads-up pot.

  • Queens Mean Chips for Channing 07-06-2012

    A player opened for 600 from middle position, then Neil Channing shoved all in over the top from a couple of seats over, a reraise to 5,025 total. It folded back around and Channing's opponent called without too much hesitation.

  • Channing Sends One to The Rail 07-06-2012

    A player in late position open-pushed all in for his last 1,200 and directly behind him, Neil Channing also pushed all in. Everyone else folded and hands were revealed.

  • Nitsche Out & Channing Back to Basics 07-02-2012

    Dominik Nitsche is out but at least he has escaped compulsory Rorschach testing after being driven completely mad by the player to his right.

  • Channing Busts Makhija
    Channing Busts Makhija 06-30-2012

    Amit Makhija was all in preflop holding and in bad shape against the of Neil Channing. The flop gave Channing top pair with top kicker, but Makhija could still make a straight with a ten.

  • "I'm Still Trying to Play Good Despite Being Richer than Ever"
    "I'm Still Trying to Play Good Despite Being Richer than Ever" 06-29-2012

    We found Neil Channing and James Dempsey laughing hard and carrying on. Channing had a big smile and twice the starting stack in front of him.

  • Neil Channing Eliminated in 2nd Place ($406,409)
    Neil Channing Eliminated in 2nd Place ($406,409) 06-26-2012

    Neil Channing opened to 250,000 from the button and Henry Lu moved all in. Channing called for his tournament life and the cards were tabled. Channing: Lu: The crowd rose to their feet and watched the flop come .

  • Lu Has the Momentum 06-26-2012

    Neil Channing opened for 250,000 on the button and Henry Lu called. The flop came and both players checked. The turn came , Lu bet 280,000 and Channing called. The river came , Lu bet 350,000 and Channing folded.

  • Lu Takes Another One 06-26-2012

    Henry Lu opened to 25000 on the button and Neil Channing called. The flop came , Channing checked and Lu bet 300,000. Channing called and the came on the turn. Channing checked, Lu bet 450,000 and Channing folded.

  • Lu Loses a Few 06-26-2012

    Henry Lu was on the button when he opened it up to 250,000. Neil Channing called and then both players checked the flop and the turn of a board. On the river, Lu checked and Channing bet 450,000.

  • Big Pot Without a Board 06-26-2012

    Neil Channing opened to 250,000 on the button and Henry Lu raised to 675,000. Channing took a good bit of time before he re-raised to 1.475 million. Lu moved all in and Channing let his hand go.

  • Henry Takes Small One 06-26-2012

    Neil Channing limped the button and Henry Lu checked behind. Both players then checked the flop and checked the turn. On the river, Lu led out for 120,000 and Channing quickly mucked, sending the pot to Lu.

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