Written on July 25 2010 by SkyNgger

Oh Shadow When I Was Young II

When I was a young lad, I had very good reason to believe Santa Claus was a paedophile. 

But everyone just laughed at me when I tried to convince them. 

And they were right to laugh. It turned out it was only my Uncle Frank all along. 

Boy, kids can be so silly am I right? Easy mistake to make though.

When you're seven. 


No Australia. Enough with the sass. Too much sass! 


:coolstorybroham, :foodforthought, :pedo, the father I never had.

Written on June 19 2010 by SkyNgger

Why are paedophiles smarter than jihadists?

A paedophile gets his virgins.  


Is this thing on? 

Boy that's a laugh and a half. 

That reminds me of a funny [true] story. 

The other day I'm minding my own business picking up some produce at the 7-11 market. When I see in front of me a glorious classical specimen of the soon-to-be-extinct [this is actually true nggers, watch National Geographic for a change dumbazz] Ginga Race. 

:coolstorybroham, :inshallah, :pedo.

Written on May 16 2010 by SkyNgger

Lips Like Strawberry Wine.

You come on like a dream

Peaches and cream

:nopedo, :pedo, barely legal, coolstorybrah, pedophilia.

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