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  • Props
    Props 02-10-2014

    While the film crew was setting up, Tom Dwan was feverishly writing on a notepad. He and Phil Ivey were talking to one another, and the word "prop" was used.

  • Ivey Busts Timoshenko
    Ivey Busts Timoshenko 02-10-2014

    Action folded to $100,000 Challenge winner Yevgeniy Timoshenko on the button, and he raised all in for around 300,000. 2012 Aussie Millions $250,000 Challenge winner Phil Ivey made the call from the big blind and tabled the .

  • Ivey Finds a Lady to Love on the River
    Ivey Finds a Lady to Love on the River 02-10-2014

    Tom "durrrr" Dwan opened for 67,000 from the cutoff and Phil Ivey defended from the big blind. Both players then checked the flop as well as the turn and the completed the board on the river.

  • Dwan Doubles Through Ivey
    Dwan Doubles Through Ivey 02-10-2014

    Phil Ivey opened to 48,000 in the cutoff, Tom Dwan three-bet to 137,000 out of the big blind, and Ivey moved all in for effectively 610,000. Dwan snap-called.

  • Haxton Wins a Two Million-Chip Pot off of Dwan
    Haxton Wins a Two Million-Chip Pot off of Dwan 02-10-2014

    After firing six bullets in the $100,000 Challenge and two bullets in this event, Isaac Haxton will need to finish fourth or better to show a profit on the trip.

  • Ivey Busts Bonomo and Chips Up On Next Hand
    Ivey Busts Bonomo and Chips Up On Next Hand 02-10-2014

    Phil Ivey just picked up two pots to move to 1.35 million in chips, which is currently good enough for second place behind Tom Dwan. On the first hand, Ivey busted Justin Bonomo and added around half a million to his stack.

  • Haxton Doubles
    Haxton Doubles 02-10-2014

    Isaac Haxton was all in and at risk preflop for 212,000 holding . He had Phil Ivey's dominated, and held as the board ran out .

  • Double Up for Ivey
    Double Up for Ivey 02-10-2014

    Nine-time World Series of Poker gold bracelet winner Phil Ivey just doubled up through Justin Bonomo. Ivey was all in on the flop with the against the for Bonomo.

  • Ivey Busts McDonald
    Ivey Busts McDonald 02-09-2014

    Mike "Timex" McDonald has just busted for a second time in this event. He was all inn for approximately 110,000 with the against Phil Ivey's dominating .

  • Ivey Doubles Through McDonald
    Ivey Doubles Through McDonald 02-09-2014

    Mike "Timex" McDonald and Phil Ivey got all of the money in on the flop. Ivey had the for top two pair, and McDonald had the for top and bottom pair. The turn was the and the river was the to give Ivey the double up.

  • Gruissem Eliminated
    Gruissem Eliminated 02-09-2014

    Fabian Quoss was all in for 79,000 with the against fellow German Philipp Gruissem with the . The board ran out to give Quoss the come-from-behind victory and the double up.

  • Vogelsang Doubles Through Ivey
    Vogelsang Doubles Through Ivey 02-09-2014

    Christoph Vogelsang bet 65,000 on the board. Phil Ivey thought for a bit, and then raised to put Vogelsang all in. Vogelsang called off and was all in for a total of 177,400 holding trips with the . Ivey had the .

  • Ivey Eliminates Bloom
    Ivey Eliminates Bloom 02-09-2014

    Tony Bloom fired 25,000 on the final board of . Phil Ivey raised to 75,000, and that was more tan enough to put Bloom all in. After a bit of tanking, Bloom called. Ivey turned up a full house with the .

  • Ivey Takes from Bloom
    Ivey Takes from Bloom 02-09-2014

    Tony Bloom raised to 7,500 from the hijack seat, and Phil Ivey called from the big blind to see the flop come down . Ivey checked, and Bloom fired 7,500. Ivey called. The turn was the , and Ivey opted to lead with a bet of 15,500.

  • Ivey Eliminated
    Ivey Eliminated 02-08-2014

    Fabian Quoss opened to 20,000 in the hijack seat, Martin Jacobson three-bet to 50,000 on the button, and both blinds released. Quoss made the call, then the German check-called a bet of 47,000 on a flop of .

  • Hiya!
    Hiya! 02-08-2014

    A very short-stacked Phil Ivey was all in and at risk for 50,000 prior to the break, and Richard Yong had him at risk.

  • Ivey Crippled
    Ivey Crippled 02-08-2014

    Phil Ivey opened for 16,000 from the hijack and was met by a three-bet to 44,000 from Richard Yong in the small blind. Ivey made the call, the flop fell , and Yong fired out 51,000, leaving himself 175,000 behind.

  • Third Time Not a Charm for Dan Shak
    Third Time Not a Charm for Dan Shak 02-07-2014

    Dan Shak, the winner of this event back in 2010 when he defeated Phil Ivey for the title, has just been eliminated for the third time after he reentered twice. On this final hand for Shak, he was all in from early position for 7,200.

  • Esfandiari Takes From Ivey
    Esfandiari Takes From Ivey 02-07-2014

    Phil Ivey opened from early-middle position, and Antonio Esfandiari reraised to 15,600. Ivey called, and the flop came down . Ivey checked, and Esfandiari fired 18,200. Ivey gave it up, and Esfandiari won the pot.

  • Ivey Chips Up a Little More
    Ivey Chips Up a Little More 02-07-2014

    From under the gun, Phil Ivey raised to 3,000. Viktor Blom called from the next seat, then Philipp Gruissem called from the big blind. From there, the three players were prompted with an flop, and everyone checked.

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