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  • Ivey Folds to Rettenmaier's Four-Bet Jam
    Ivey Folds to Rettenmaier's Four-Bet Jam 06-27-2013

    When we reached the feature table, Phil Ivey had a three-bet of 35,000 sitting in front of him. Marvin Rettenmaier cold four-bet jammed for 145,000 out of the big blind, the original raiser folded, and the action was back on Ivey.

  • Ivey Gets Set Up
    Ivey Gets Set Up 06-27-2013

    Phil Ivey led out for 24,000 (roughly a pot-sized bet) on a board of . His opponent, Masa Kagawa, tanked for around 90 seconds then raised to 49,000. Ivey shot him a look.

  • Mercier Registered
    Mercier Registered 06-27-2013

    Jason Mercier just busted event 44 ($3,000 No-Limit Hold'em) and now registered for the One Drop.

  • Bakes and Ivey Double
    Bakes and Ivey Double 06-25-2013

    Brian Hastings opened to 5,500 on the button, Jesse Martin called out of the small blind, and David "Bakes" Baker moved all in for 82,000 in the big blind. Only Hastings looked him up.

  • A Couple of Cold Four-Bets
    A Couple of Cold Four-Bets 06-25-2013

    Jon Turner opened to 4,700 from early position, Phil Laak three-bet to 15,700 out of the small blind, Naoya Kihara cold four-bet to 100,000 out of the big blind.

  • Ivey Wins a Bit
    Ivey Wins a Bit 06-24-2013

    Phil Ivey made it 500 from early position and only the big blind made the call. The big blind drew just one and Ivey asked for two. When the dealer was done giving both the players the cards they demanded, the big blind bet out 800.

  • Pat Ninety-Eight For O'Brien
    Pat Ninety-Eight For O'Brien 06-24-2013

    Phil Ivey opened with a raise to 300 and Dan O'Brien popped it up to 1,000 from the next seat over. It folded to Larry Wright int he small blind who thought for a moment before flat calling and Ivey tagged along too.

  • Phil Ivey vs. Mile Wattel
    Phil Ivey vs. Mile Wattel 06-24-2013

    Mike Wattel raised to 300 under the gun and Phil Ivey three-bet to 1,200 from the small blind. Wattel took a few moments before four-betting all in for 5,950 (with two lammers behind). Ivey called.

  • Catching Up with Ronnie Bardah On Break; Limit Hold'em Beat Boxing, and Team Ivey
  • Kassela, Ivey Out
    Kassela, Ivey Out 06-23-2013

    We mentioned earlier how Frank Kassela had become short-stacked early, then was hanging on through the first level of play. Alas for the 2010 WSOP Player of the Year, he finally lost an all-in with his final chips and has departed.

  • Intimidating Ivey
    Intimidating Ivey 06-23-2013

    The player under the gun opened to 150, and was called by the cut-off, as well as Phil Ivey on the small blind. The big blind bumped it up to 750 and was called by his three opponents.

  • Ivey Busts
    Ivey Busts 06-23-2013

    Phil Ivey: / / Michael Kovar: / / We caught the action on fourth street, where Kovar check-called a bet from Ivey. Kovar led out on fifth, Ivey called, and Ivey called all-in for 1,400 on sixth.

  • Ivey Here and Gone
    Ivey Here and Gone 06-23-2013

    Phil Ivey late-registered for this event, but his presence in the Brasilia Room was short-lived. According to his former tablemates, he shoved all-in from under the gun with and ran into .

  • Ivey Loses One, Ivey Wins One
    Ivey Loses One, Ivey Wins One 06-23-2013

    Phil Ivey: / / Randy Sim: / / Brian Twete: / / Twete completed, and both Ivey and Sim made the call. Ivey made a better board on fourth, opting to check, and Sim bet. Both Twete and Ivey called.

  • Ivey Cruising
    Ivey Cruising 06-22-2013

    Phil Ivey won the second of his nine World Series of Poker bracelets in the $2,500 Seven card Stud Hi/Low event in 2002 and he is giving himself a great chance of claiming a second in this discipline by continuing to climb up the chip count

  • Ivey Chops
    Ivey Chops 06-22-2013

    Phil Ivey completed to 50 only to be two-bet to 100. The bring-in called, as did Ivey before all three players committed 50 on fourth street.

  • A few More Famous Faces
    A few More Famous Faces 06-22-2013

    The $1,500 Stud Hi/Low event has attracted some big names including Phil Ivey, Vanessa Selbst, Dario Minieri and former WSOP Main Event runner-up Matin Staszko.

  • Ivey's Day is Done
    Ivey's Day is Done 06-22-2013

    We didn't catch Phil Ivey's elimination hand, but his fellow team member Mike Leah was kind enough to fill us in on what happened.

  • Ivey Clinging On
    Ivey Clinging On 06-22-2013

    Phil Ivey has done nothing but decline here on Day 2, but he just won a pot that has him headed back in the right direction.

  • Ivey v. Chiu in the Blinds
    Ivey v. Chiu in the Blinds 06-21-2013

    Phil Ivey was in the small blind, and everyone folded around to him. He raised, and David Chiu called in the big blind. The flop was , and Ivey bet. Chiu called, and the dealer turned the . Ivey bet again, and Chiu called again.

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