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  • Andy Bloch Busted
    Andy Bloch Busted 06-11-2013

    We missed the precise action but Jose "Nacho" Barbero told us that Kyle Cartwright had opened preflop and Andy Bloch had called from the big blind. Bloch had check-shoved on and had received a call.

  • Ivey, Ivey, Ivey?
    Ivey, Ivey, Ivey? 06-10-2013

    Over on Table 368 Seat 2, there is a lonely, unattended stack of 9,575 chips slowly dwindling away. The owner of the stack is Mr. Phil Ivey, and save for one or two hands, he hasn't played it at all this evening.

  • Ivey is in a Jovial Mood
    Ivey is in a Jovial Mood 06-10-2013

    Phil Ivey is not usually known for his playful demeanour while he is playing poker, but he seems to be in great spirits today and looks to be thoroughly enjoying himself.

  • When The Mouse Is Away
    When The Mouse Is Away 06-10-2013

    Eric Baldwin @basebaldyTable talking about Ivey while he's away from his seat. Dealer legit doesn't know who he is. We tell him he's a goalie for the Sabres.June 09 2013ReplyRetweetFavoriteFollow @basebaldy!function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.

  • It's Good To Be Ivey
    It's Good To Be Ivey 06-10-2013

    We came up to the board . A player in early position led for 4,500 and after some thought, Ivey made the call. Ivey's opponent checked the river. Ivey did what Ivey does best: a little staring, a little chip playing and some more staring.

  • Ivey Flops the Nuts
    Ivey Flops the Nuts 06-10-2013

    A short-stacked player moved all in from the button after Phil Ivey had opened from under the gun. Ivey called and tabled which improved to a boat on the flop! Ivey is now up to 18,500 and looks to be running good.

  • Second Pair's Good for Ivey
    Second Pair's Good for Ivey 06-10-2013

    Phil Ivey continues to run well here in Event #18 where his second pair no kicker won him another pot. The hijack opened to 600 and was called first by Mike Sexton in the small blind and Phil Ivey in the big blind.

  • Ivey's Catching Cards
    Ivey's Catching Cards 06-10-2013

    We came to the table with Phil Ivey and his calling the all in of another player holding preflop. There was no hope for Ivey on the board but the gave him a glimmer.

  • Ivey Ousted, Touil Moves On
    Ivey Ousted, Touil Moves On 06-08-2013

    Phil Ivey opened with a raise from the button and Fabrice Touil three-bet enough to put a short-stacked Ivey all in. Ivey called for his tournament life and showed which was up against Touil's .

  • Can They Repeat?
    Can They Repeat? 06-06-2013

    Unlike many tournament fields in the modern poker era, the Stud Hi-Low event allows notable professionals one of the best chances at winning another gold bracelet.

  • The Phils Are In The House
    The Phils Are In The House 06-06-2013

    We jspotted Phil Hellmuth and Phil Ivey registering for the tournament just before the end of the second break. Hellmuth will get another chance to scoop up the 14th bracelet of his career, while Ivey will be going for his 10th.

  • The One and Only
    The One and Only 06-05-2013

    Phil Ivey has showed up and is ready to gear up to try and get his first bracelet of this years series.

  • "I'm Not Folding River"
    "I'm Not Folding River" 06-05-2013

    When we arrived at the table, Phil Ivey led out for a bet on a flop of . Aaron Ogus called. The turn was the , Ivey fired out another bet, leaving roughly a third of a big bet behind, and Ogus just called. Ivey shot him a look.

  • Are You Ready for More Limit Hold'em?
    Are You Ready for More Limit Hold'em? 06-05-2013

    In two and a half hours we're about to start Day 2 of the $1,500 Limit Hold'em event. The plan is to play either 10 levels, or stop when we reach a final table.

  • Ivey is a Hero
    Ivey is a Hero 06-04-2013

    After losing a few pots, Phil Ivey's stack dwindled down to a few big bets. At that point, he opened in middle position, and was called by two players, one on the button and the other in the big blind.

  • Ivey Busts One
    Ivey Busts One 06-04-2013

    Phil Ivey raised in middle position, and a very short-stacked player called all in near the button. Ivey: Opponent: The flop fell , giving Ivey a set of sevens, but the turned, leaving the player with four outs to make a straight.

  • Enter Ivey
    Enter Ivey 06-04-2013

    Of the super late entrants, no one was later than Phil Ivey. The nine-time bracelet winner was originally sitting in the front of the Orange section, but his table broke and he is now sitting directly on Terrence Chan's right.

  • PokerNews Podcast Episode #155: Game Seven Equity feat. Aaron "AE" Jones
    PokerNews Podcast Episode #155: Game Seven Equity feat. Aaron "AE" Jones 06-04-2013

    On Episode #155 of the PokerNews Podcast the crew takes a look at the Millionaire Maker and discusses the four bracelets awarded since the last show on Friday.

  • Ivey Eliminated
    Ivey Eliminated 06-04-2013

    Pot-Limit Omaha Josh Arieh has eliminated the legendary Phil Ivey from contention. According to Arieh, "Ivey didn't have s***." Another observer told us that Ivey had raised and gotten two callers.

  • Taylor's Ninety-Six Bests Ivey
    Taylor's Ninety-Six Bests Ivey 06-04-2013

    2-7 Triple Draw Brendan Taylor raised from late position and Phil Ivey cut out a three-bet. It folded back to Taylor who flat called. Both players drew two cards and Taylor checked.

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