Written on January 18 2012 by manilare

I've got it ! It's not a penis thing

There was no way I was giving up this pot or that pot ,who says 3c4d has no right being in the pot on a board of AcKhKs3d4h? Have I got the wisdom to let go of two pair even when I feel like I might be good or that villain is bluffing trying to get me off a weak K. Well of course I do have the wisdom but I don't need to prove it because I'm good...and then the reasoning kicks in ,I am only playing 2c/5c stakes so all in is only costing me $3 per hand so why not call ?Along with the financial justification comes the value of probability that I worked out .

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Written on July 18 2011 by bennito

Poker coaching

After winning a tournament last year at Crown Casino in Melbourne, I recently played in the Main Event at the 2011 WSOP in Vegas.  I was knocked out on Day 2, after pushing with middle pair with both straight and flush draws post flop.

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Written on July 13 2011 by Gaff-Attack

"Gros Vegas" Texas Hold'em Poker - Brisbane

You are invited to the launch of "Gros Vegas"

Texas Hold'em Poker every Monday night at The Grosvenor....
320 George St in the city (cnr Ann St)...

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Written on June 19 2011 by manilare


How do we win 5BB per hour? AK all in pre? dump the Queens after aggression from the nit. Universally poker is being played day in day out there is by no means a right and wrong approach to each situation but the law of averages does apply in the long run,certain techniques make you a winner.So that's it we are all able to be winners if we apply the math ,restrict our ranges to the top what, 5-10 percent of hands and we read poker blogs.

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Written on February 24 2011 by LandoCalrisian

LandoNation's Five Card Draw (Episode 3)

Here's today's episode of Five Card Draw - this week, I talk about the next big move in European poker, Peter Eastgate's return to poker, the Sorel Mizzi scandal, Jackie Glazier's signing and the FTOPS Main Event results.

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Written on October 07 2010 by Duff85

Battling Lack of Motivation

14 hands.

That's how many hands I played in September.

"You need to get the spark back", is what the numbers are screaming at me from the Hold'em Manager screen. During the middle of the year the fire was burning, I got involved, I played every day. After upswinging for about 20,000 hands, I went break even for another 60,000. Bouncing up and down in a ten buy-in window just isn't a lot of fun.

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It’s time to plaster your poker face with sunscreen because APL’s turning up the heat for its first ever Sunshine State main event.  

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Written on June 20 2010 by AussieNewYorker

New York, Concrete Jungle where WSOP Dreams are made...

Rounders (1998) - “First prize at the World Series of Poker is a million bucks. Does it have my name on it? I don't know. But, I'm gonna find out…” I could hear that in my head, Mike McDermott’s thoughts at the end of Rounders as he leaves New York for Las Vegas and the WSOP.

“JFK please” I said getting into the cab on 34th Street.

“You got it pal… So where ya headed?” the driver asked.

“Vegas” I replied.

“Vegas, huh? Good luck man.”

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Written on May 30 2010 by AussieNewYorker

Centre of the Poker Universe

Rounders (1998) - “The poker room at the Mirage in Vegas is the center of the poker universe. Doyle Brunson, Johnny Chan, Phil Helmuth, the legends consider it their office. Every couple of days a new millionaire shows up wanting to beat a world champion. Usually they go home with nothing but a story.” (Mike McDermott as he drives from New York to Atlantic City)

The Mirage was home to The Big Game back then and now it's Bobby’s Room at the Bellagio. But it looks like that’s about to change again.

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