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  • Speidel's Back Up
    Speidel's Back Up 01-22-2011

    Oliver Speidel has swung the chip lead back into his favor, moving up to 315,000 after another big pot against his heads-up rival Randy Dorfman.

  • Speidel Taking Charge
    Speidel Taking Charge 01-22-2011

    Randy Dorfman made a min-raise from the button which Oliver Speidel called. Flop: A check from Speidel and Dorfman would make it 11,000. Flat from Speidel and the turn would come.

  • Dorfman Chipping Away
    Dorfman Chipping Away 01-22-2011

    Randy Dorfman is slowly wearing Oliver Speidel down in this heads-up battle, but there's still not that much between them as the action continues down here in the Crown Poker Room.

  • Count Them Chips
    Count Them Chips 01-22-2011

    Oliver Speidel made it 10,000 from the button sending the action flying Randy Dorfman's way. Dorfman threw in a stack of chips that rolled onto multiple directions of the table. When the dust settled it was 19,000 more to Speidel.

  • Hearts, Hearts Everywhere
    Hearts, Hearts Everywhere 01-22-2011

    If we told you Randy Dorfman had his tournament life on the line holding against Oliver Speidel's you might think, "We must have a winner!" But those educated in poker know that it's never that simple.

  • Testing The Waters
    Testing The Waters 01-22-2011

    The railbirds are beginning to build up around this final table, though our guess is that everyone thinks that this is the $100,000 Challenge final table (which, for the record, it isn't - that's upstairs in Studio 3).

  • Respect For Speidel
    Respect For Speidel 01-22-2011

    Oliver Speidel limped on the button and Randy Dorfman raised to 5,500 before Speidel would call and we would see a flop. Flop: Dorfman led for 50,000. With the action on Speidel he announced he was allin.

  • Speidel Takes a Hit
    Speidel Takes a Hit 01-22-2011

    Oliver Speidel managed to raise Randy Dorfman out of a few flops, but the first full board played out saw Dorfman take all those chips back, and then some, leaving Speidel with 230,000.

  • Down To Two
    Down To Two 01-22-2011

    Then there were two. Randy Dorfman will be going into battle against Oliver Speidel. Mano A Mano. The two players will be starting heads-up relatively even with both players having right around 250,000.

  • Eoghan O'Dea Eliminated in 3rd Place (AUD$46,035)
    Eoghan O'Dea Eliminated in 3rd Place (AUD$46,035) 01-22-2011

    Eoghan O'Dea fought a long, hard battle on his short stack, but he's finally succumbed to Oliver Speidel in third place and we are now heads-up for the title! Speidel raised from the button and O'Dea reraised from the small blind, forcing R

  • Albert Minnullin Eliminated in 4th Place (AUD$30,690)
    Albert Minnullin Eliminated in 4th Place (AUD$30,690) 01-22-2011

    Albert Minnullin is the latest to succumb to the foul taste of defeat, exiting the tournament in 4th place with AUD$30,690 his consolation prize for not progressing further. Not bad for a couple days of work.

  • The Rich Get Chips
    The Rich Get Chips 01-22-2011

    As the old saying goes- the rich get richer and the poor give all their chips to the rich. Or something to that effect anyway. Randy Dorfman made it 7,500 from the button, whereby action was sent to JP Kelly in the small blind.

  • Alexander Debus Eliminated in 7th Place (AUD$17,050)
    Alexander Debus Eliminated in 7th Place (AUD$17,050) 01-22-2011

    We can confirm that Alexander Debus only played four contested pots during this entire final table, but two of those pots have led to his demise in seventh place.

  • Dorfman & Speidel Clash Again
    Dorfman & Speidel Clash Again 01-22-2011

    Oliver Speidel and Randy Dorfman have clashed in yet another pot as the final table of Event #7 keeps on keeping on. Speidel raised to 4,500 from under the gun and Dorfman called from the cutoff before the dealer spread the flop of .

  • Lovelady Doubles, Dorfman In Trouble
    Lovelady Doubles, Dorfman In Trouble 01-22-2011

    The railbirds are beginning to lose interest and are constantly asking the PokerNews Live Reporting Crew for directions for Studio 3 to watch the $100,000 as the action continues to crawl painfully slow.

  • A Little Less Conversation, Even Less Action
    A Little Less Conversation, Even Less Action 01-22-2011

    There has been almost no action between the final seven players in this event, but we did finally manage to witness two full hands played out between Randy Dorfman and Oliver Speidel, then between Dorfman and JP Kelly.

  • Speidel Donates to Dorfman
    Speidel Donates to Dorfman 01-22-2011

    Randy Dorfman continues to amass more and more chips at this final table and has just taken some off Oliver Speidel as the action continues.

  • No Love For Lady
    No Love For Lady 01-22-2011

    Randy Dorfman just won't let Joey Lovelady take a pot or see a flop. The last two consecutive hands have seen the action folded to Lovelady and both times he put in a raise from late position.

  • Scarf Doubles Through Dorfman
    Scarf Doubles Through Dorfman 01-22-2011

    The action is still crawling along at a snail's pace and the atmosphere around the table is that of great unease. However, Andrew Scarf has managed to double up through Randy Dorfman to move up to more than 35,000 in chips.

  • Zindo Doubles Again
    Zindo Doubles Again 01-22-2011

    John Zindo has just managed to double up for a second time through Randy Dorfman, moving up to more than 14,000 in chips as the action continues nine-handed at this final table.

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