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  • Big Pot for Sagstrom
    Big Pot for Sagstrom 07-03-2013

    Razz Richard Ashby: / / Paul Volpe: / / Erik Sagstrom: / / We reached the table on fifth street, where Sagstrom bet out. Both Ashby and Volpe called. Volpe made a better board on sixth, and bet out. Both Sagstrom and Ashby called.

  • Ashby and Rast Chop
    Ashby and Rast Chop 07-03-2013

    Stud-8 Erik Sagstrom: / (FOLD) Brian Rast: / / Minh Ly: / (FOLD) Richard Ashby: / / Sagstrom brought it in, Rast called, and Ly completed. Ashby, Sagstrom, and Rast all called.

  • Rast Straightens Out Ly's Aces
    Rast Straightens Out Ly's Aces 07-03-2013

    Pot-Limit Omaha With a dead small blind, Brian Rast opened with a raise to 9,000 from the hijack seat. Minh Ly made the call on the button, and Richard Ashby called out of the big blind. The flop came down , and Ashby checked.

  • Kessler's Shove Enough
    Kessler's Shove Enough 07-03-2013

    No Limit Hold’em Richard Ashby opened to 11,500 from under the gun, and was called by Tommy Hang on the button. The action then fell on Allen Kessler on the big blind, who quickly announced all in, totalling 49,000.

  • Schulman Doubles Through Buchanan
    Schulman Doubles Through Buchanan 07-02-2013

    Pot-Limit Omaha On the flop, Shawn Buchanan and Richard Ashby checked to Nick Schulman. Schulman bet 8,800, and Buchanan raised to 26,000. After Ashby folded, Schulman was all in for 72,000. Buchanan called.

  • Hennigan Five-Bets the Flop Against Baranov in NL
    Hennigan Five-Bets the Flop Against Baranov in NL 07-01-2013

    No-Limit Hold'em When we arrived at the table, a flop of was laid out in the middle of the felt with action involving Richard Ashby, John Hennigan and Sergii Baranov.

  • Chips For Cheong
    Chips For Cheong 06-24-2013

    Phil Laak opened the action by raising to 1,050 from under the gun. Joseph Cheong called from the next seat over and the two were joined to the draw by Richard Ashby from the small blind and the player in the big blind.

  • A Crazy Three-Way All In
    A Crazy Three-Way All In 06-23-2013

    Gaurav Kalro: / / Joe Tehan: / / Richard Ashby: / / Ashby brought it in, Kalro called, Tehan completed, Ashby re-raised, Kalro called, Tehan made it three bets, Ashby capped it, and both Kalro and Tehan called.

  • Brammer Hammers Ashby in Battle of Brits
    Brammer Hammers Ashby in Battle of Brits 06-14-2013

    After limping in from under the gun, British pro Christopher Brammer responded to a raise by three-betting to 24,000. One player called before the action was on fellow Englishman Richard Ashby, and he elected to take a flop as well.

  • Ashby Sinks Boatman
    Ashby Sinks Boatman 06-13-2013

    A preflop raising war resulted in Barny Boatman getting his shorter stack all in against Richard Ashby. The former held the and was in bad shape against the of the former.

  • "Second Time I've Flopped Quads"
    "Second Time I've Flopped Quads" 06-12-2013

    With around 6,500 in the pot and a board of , Richard Ashby bet from the big blind and Joe Ford, who hails from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, put in a raise.

  • Six-Time Bracelet Winner Eliminated with Quads Aces
    Six-Time Bracelet Winner Eliminated with Quads Aces 06-11-2013

    Don't let the title mislead you. When we say he was eliminated with quads aces, we mean in his hand.

  • Anderson Busts Ashby
    Anderson Busts Ashby 06-04-2013

    Stud Calvin Anderson: / / Richard Ashby: / / Richard Ashby opened with a raise and Calvin Anderson three-bet enough to put Ashby all in. He called and the boards ran out.

  • Two Pair for Ashby
    Two Pair for Ashby 01-28-2013

    Phillip Willcocks opened to 1,700 on the button. Richard Ashby called out of the small blind, a player defended from the big blind, and the dealer fanned . The action checked to Willcocks, who continued for 3,000. Both players called.

  • Updated Chip Counts
    Updated Chip Counts 01-28-2013

    The table with Richard Ashby, Micah Raskin and Billy Jordanou was just broken up. Jackie Glazier was moved away from this table a little earlier and is now seated with Eoghan O'Dea.

  • Raskin Turns a Set
    Raskin Turns a Set 01-27-2013

    Micah Raskin opened to 1,500 from middle position, Richard Ashby called on the button, and Jackie Glazier defended her big blind. The dealer fanned , Glazier checked, Raskin continued for 2,000, and only Ashby called.

  • Just Queens for Wattel
    Just Queens for Wattel 07-01-2012

    Stud Hi Richard Ashby / / Mike Wattel / / We caught the action on fifth street, where Wattel led out and Ashby called. Ashby called another bet on sixth, and Wattel led out blind on seventh. Ashby tank-called.

  • Ashby Chips Up
    Ashby Chips Up 07-01-2012

    Limit 2-7 Single Draw Richard Ashby limped in from the small blind, Mike Gorodinksy checked, and Ashby stood pat. Gorodinsky laughed, then drew four. Ashby immediately bet, and Gorodinsky called.

  • Everyone's Picking on Dan
    Everyone's Picking on Dan 07-01-2012

    Dan O'Brien just called over yours truly and complained about how he lost a couple of 'brutal pots' in Lowball.

  • Ashby Busts Chiu
    Ashby Busts Chiu 06-30-2012

    Pot-Limit Omaha Richard Ashby min-raised from under the gun, and the action folded to David Chiu, who potted to 1,125 on the button. The blinds released, and Ashby called.

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