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  • Dong Guo Eliminated in 29th Place; Robert Campbell Eliminated in 30th Place ($230,487)
    Dong Guo Eliminated in 29th Place; Robert Campbell Eliminated in 30th Place ($230,487) 07-14-2014

    Out of nowhere, Dong Guo, Robert Campbell, and William Pappaconstantinou were all in on one of the secondary feature tables in a big three-way clash.

  • Jacobson Continues to Add
    Jacobson Continues to Add 07-14-2014

    Robert Campbell raised to 225,000 in early position, Martin Jacobson defended his big blind, and the flop fell . Both players checked. The turn was the , Jacobson led out for 350,000, and Campbell called.

  • M'm! M'm! Good!
    M'm! M'm! Good! 07-14-2014

    Sean Dempsey moved all in from the small blind to put Robert Campbell at risk and he made the call from the small blind for 1,085,000 total. Dempsey: Campbell: The board ran out and this time it was Campbell's time to double up.

  • Dempsey Double Up
    Dempsey Double Up 07-14-2014

    Sean Dempsey raised to 165,000 from the small blind and Robert Campbell called from the big. The flop came down and Dempsey bet 100,000 after which Campbell moved all in.

  • Vladimir Bozinovic Eliminated in 46th Place ($152,025)
    Vladimir Bozinovic Eliminated in 46th Place ($152,025) 07-14-2014

    Vladimir Bozinovic opened to 125,000 and Robert Campbell called from the cutoff along with Peter Placey in the small blind.

  • Top Two for Campbell
    Top Two for Campbell 07-14-2014

    Robert Campbell opened to 80,000 and was called by Tony Ruberto, Eddy Sabat and Luis Assuncao from the hijack, cutoff and button.

  • Campbell Doubles Through Hwang
    Campbell Doubles Through Hwang 07-13-2014

    Soon Hwang raised to 55,000on the button, and then Robert Campbell reraised all in for 248,000 from the big blind. Hwang called with the to find out Campbell held the same hand with the .

  • Robert Campbell Fades Pavel Veksler to Double
    Robert Campbell Fades Pavel Veksler to Double 07-12-2014

    With the flop reading , Robert Campbell got his stack of 323,000 into the middle with against Pavel Veksler's . Campbell faded Veksler's mant outs as the turn and river gave him the double.

  • Trumper Comes Up Trumps
    Trumper Comes Up Trumps 06-29-2014

    Simon Trumper is up to 200,000 after his stack was tripled up. Judith Bielan raised to 16,000 under the gun, Robert Campbell flat-called a couple of seat over and Trumper called from the big blind, playing a 75,000 stack.

  • Gorodinsky Gone
    Gorodinsky Gone 06-03-2014

    Perry Friedman limped under the gun and Robert Campbell, Andrew Brown, and Gary Bolden each called before Mike Gorodinsky checked his option in the big blind.

  • Campbell Silences the Mouth
    Campbell Silences the Mouth 07-05-2012

    We noticed things were a little quieter here in the Tan Section of the Amazon Room, which prompted us to do a quick look for Mike "The Mouth" Matusow. Unfortunately we discovered that he had been eliminated.

  • Robert Campbell Eliminated in 3rd Place (AUD$50,000)
    Robert Campbell Eliminated in 3rd Place (AUD$50,000) 01-28-2011

    It was a Limit Hold'em hand that saw the demise of our third place finisher Robert Campbell. It was a raised pot between Campbell and Bloch that saw the fall on the flop.

  • Campbell Falls Back Down
    Campbell Falls Back Down 01-28-2011

    2-7 Triple Draw Campbell has fallen back under 40,000 in the last hand of the 2-7 triple draw round after making a ten-low which couldnt beat the nine-low of Bloch. Bloch continues to build momentum, increasing his chip lead.

  • Maria Folds, Campbell Holds
    Maria Folds, Campbell Holds 01-28-2011

    2-7 Triple Draw Robert Campbell has just managed to double-up after playing a triple draw hand down to the last draw.

  • Jacks No Good
    Jacks No Good 01-28-2011

    2-7 Triple Draw Andy Bloch raised on the button and got the call from Robert Campbell in the big blind. Campbell drew three and Blioch two. Bloch would be the aggressor again and both players would draw one.

  • Campbell Can't Call
    Campbell Can't Call 01-28-2011

    No Limit Hold'em The first hand of No Limit Hold'em saw Robert Campbell raise on the button to 9,000. Maria Ho then announced she was allin from the big blind. Ho had only 80,000 behind.

  • There's The Aussie
    There's The Aussie 01-28-2011

    Robert Campbell has just arrived, jogging to the table and taking his seat. Then there were four. Nothing eventful happened while Campbell was gone, with only a few hands being played.

  • Where's The Aussie?
    Where's The Aussie? 01-28-2011

    The cards have been thrown in the air but thus far we are only playing with three players as Robert Campbell is currently absent. His chips will be in play and blinded off until he arrives.

  • I Had Quads?
    I Had Quads? 01-28-2011

    Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo Maria Ho has finally taken a hit to her stack after playing a hug pot with the other player at the table who had chips to play with, Robert Campbell.

  • Hearts for Ho
    Hearts for Ho 01-28-2011

    Pot Limit Omaha Maria Ho limped, and Justin Smith completed his small blind. Robert Campbell checked his option, and it was on to the ... Flop: - Action checked all the way around. Turn: - Smith and Campbell checked again.

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