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  • You Call, It's Gonna Be All Over Baby!
    You Call, It's Gonna Be All Over Baby! 07-08-2013

    The champion of the 1998 edition of this event, Scotty Nguyen, will not be making history this year with by winning a second Main Event title, as he has just been eliminated from the field in particularly painful fashion.

  • Scotty Nguyen Doubles Up 07-08-2013

    Picking up the action on the river of a board with about 9,000 in the pot, Scotty Nguyen was facing a bet of 4,400 before he moved all in for 6,725.

  • Scotty Nguyen Doesn't With Aces 07-08-2013

    With the board reading by the turn, we caught Scotty Nguyen putting 1,700 into the pot along with a lone opponent. The river card came , and Nguyen led out for a bet of 2,000.

  • Former Champions in the House
    Former Champions in the House 07-08-2013

    The Amazon Room is home to the World Series of Poker's equivalent of the Boston Garden's rafters, with dozens of banners hanging to honor past and present generations of Main Event champions.

  • Abrams Eliminates Nguyen
    Abrams Eliminates Nguyen 06-29-2013

    Stud Shortly after Benjamin Dobson fell in 22nd place to Greg Raymer in a hand of 2-7 Triple Draw, Scotty Nguyen was eliminated in 21st after losing the last of his stack in a stud-8 hand to Scott Abrams.

  • Ramos Over Nguyen 06-29-2013

    Badugi Felipe Ramos raised from middle position, and Scotty Nguyen called from the blinds. Nguyen drew two and Ramos one, and Nguyen checked. Ramos bet, Nguyen check-raised, Ramos three-bet, Nguyen made it four bets, and Ramos called.

  • Nguyen Wins, Wipes Out Wolansky 06-29-2013

    Stud-8 Steven Wolansky has been eliminated in 24th place after losing most of his chips in a three-way hand involving Scotty Nguyen and Scott Abrams, then the rest in another hand involving the same two opponents.

  • Ace-King, Baby 06-29-2013

    Limit Hold'em We caught up to find Scotty Nguyen heads up in a hand where the flop read . Nguyen's lone opponent checked over and the Prince of Poker fired out a bet. A call was made and the hit the felt on the turn.

  • Turn and River Delight Deluca
    Turn and River Delight Deluca 06-29-2013

    Pot-Limit Omaha Some big-bet poker to report, as we've just seen a couple of big pot-limit Omaha hands over at Table 407. The first hand saw a three-way all-in situation develop involving Joseph Deluca, Steve Zolotow, and Sergii Baranov.

  • Better Badugi for Hui 06-29-2013

    Badugi We caught up with the action on the third and final draw, with Phillip Hui having been all in and standing pat since early on and three other players still vying for the pot.

  • Nguyen, Tiller Out 06-23-2013

    A couple of the more colorful personalities in the room have run out of chips, as Scotty Nguyen and Dee Tiller have both been eliminated.

  • Lucky We Have Lammers, Baby! 06-23-2013

    The action started with the player under the gun opening to 300, and getting called by the player in the cut-off. Sebastian Bastian then opted to raise to 1,350 from the small blind and was snap called by Scotty Nguyen to his left.

  • A Pot for Scotty, Baby; Hennigan Gone 06-16-2013

    Hold'em A player in middle position opened with a raise to 600 and action folded to five-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner Scotty Nguyen in the small blind.

  • Lenaghan and McNeil Chop Nguyen's Chips 06-15-2013

    Calen McNeil opened with an early position raise and Scotty Nguyen called from the next seat over. It folded to Ryan Lenaghan who called from the cutoff and the rest of the table folded. The flop came and McNeil led out.

  • Scotty Gets Scooped
    Scotty Gets Scooped 06-06-2013

    We caught a hand on fifth street between Scotty Nguyen and his opponent. Here is how the hand played out: His opponent, showing bet. Nguyen raised with , and his opponent called.

  • Scotty Crippled, then Busted 06-02-2013

    We came to action on the flop, with the board showing . The player in the small blind bet out for 1250, and the always entertaining Scotty Nguyen raised all-in for over 4,000.

  • Scotty Nguyen Eliminated By Chad Brown 05-31-2013

    Scotty Nguyen raised all in from UTG+1 for 3,850 and Chad Brown called from the hijack. Nguyen: Brown: The board ran out bringing no help to Nguyen, ending his tournament.

  • Kaverman Thinks
    Kaverman Thinks 05-30-2013

    "Ok," Vanessa Selbst said, turning to tablemate Byron Kaverman.

  • Conte Takes a Bite Out of the Grinder's Stack 10-02-2012

    Three players created a preflop pot of 14,000 and saw a flop of . The hijack checked, Maxime Conte bet 7,500 from the cutoff, and Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi called from the button.

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