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Written on October 07 2010 by Duff85

Battling Lack of Motivation

14 hands.

That's how many hands I played in September.

"You need to get the spark back", is what the numbers are screaming at me from the Hold'em Manager screen. During the middle of the year the fire was burning, I got involved, I played every day. After upswinging for about 20,000 hands, I went break even for another 60,000. Bouncing up and down in a ten buy-in window just isn't a lot of fun.

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Written on February 12 2010 by Duff85

Oh Canada!

 Eskimos. Polar Bears. Mounted Police. Ice Road Truckers. Violence on Ice.

What’s not to love about Canada?

Especially if your an overweight Australian degenerate gambler, cleaning up betting Ice Hockey.

Sick Brag Alert:

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Written on February 08 2010 by Duff85

Pit Fighting Fun!

 Sunday was UFC 109, and for degenerates like myself, another chance to invest some money on one guy beating the shit out of another guy. Mix in a couple of lazy beers, a bag of potato chips, and some blood, and you got the makings of a good day.

The day started with a weird twist of fortune. I placed a bet on Ronys Torres to beat Melvin Guillard on the undercard using one of my sportsbook accounts. I then checked one of my other bookmakers and decided to load up a little more. While concentrating on other things I stupidly confirmed a bet on Melvin Guillard.

MMA, sports betting, UFC.

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