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Written on January 08 2011 by thkcduckworth

First Online Grind for 2011

Although my online MTT career was barely a few months old, I was looking forward to making 2011 a big year in climbing up the ranks of the Australian online poker community.

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Written on August 27 2010 by thkcduckworth

State of Origin . . . Changes For 2011

Late last night, Heath and I decided to play the $200 Teams Event at the Victorian Poker Championships, and consequently I made the boring drive up the highway to donk off.

I arrived early to take care of some things before Heath and I decided to grab a few drinks and some food at Lagerfield. We discussed work, poker and all of the above before being joined by Kirsty, Landon and a few of his mates.

Crown Poker Room, State of Origin, Tilted Behaviour, Tim Duckworth, Victorian Poker Championships.

Written on August 24 2010 by thkcduckworth

The Eight Points of Enlightenment: LAPT Florianopolis

The land of beautiful woman, gorgeous beaches and the beloved game of soccer was the next stop on my poker calendar as an Austrian hoisted the trophy and US$247,441 first prize when he bested a 364-player field courtesy of a two-pair over two-pair cooler last hand.


With Florianopolis being the fourth stop for season three of the Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT) - and my first - I am delighted to write my first tournament recap from South America with The Eight Points of Enlightenment: LAPT Florianopolis.

Florianopolis, LAPT, pokerstars, Tilted Behaviour, Tim Duckworth.

Written on July 25 2010 by thkcduckworth

The Eight Points of Enlightenment: WSOP

When Brandon Steven's was unable to improve against Matthew Jarvis' , to send nine players on a hiatus a guaranteed $811,823 richer. 

My World Series of Poker (WSOP) was all about long nights that turned into daylight finishes, mixed with -EV gambling and plenty of colourful stories, but let's end the Mecca of all poker tournaments with my continued tournament recap with the The Eight Points of Enlightenment: WSOP. 

* * * * * * * *

Tilted Behaviour, Tim Duckworth, WSOP.

Written on May 07 2010 by thkcduckworth

Visiting Friends and a Third Place Finish

As the rain bucketed down, I made my way up a wet Geelong Highway to visit a friend in the south-eastern suburb of Aspendale.

Crown Poker Room, Tilted Behaviour, Tim Duckworth.

Written on March 17 2010 by thkcduckworth

My Journey Down The Poker Road

My poker journey began back in the early stages of 2005.

It was my second year of a Bachelor of Commerce degree at Deakin University in Burwood. I had a wonderful girlfriend, an awesome apartment in Hawthorn and was busy coordinating the Deakin Basketball team while studying and partying hard.

Tilted Behaviour, Tim Duckworth.

Written on March 15 2010 by thkcduckworth

Friday Night Ice Skating

It had been a while since I ventured up to Melbourne, so it was good to journey up the highway to the city for some fun.

My friend Bec and I had discussed a night of ice skating a few weeks back, and with the day finally upon us, I was more than a little nervous. I arrived early planning to catch up with a mate, but when some things got in the way, we decided to postpone that and instead I ventured to the city to check out the water-damaged Crown Poker Room.

Crown Poker Room, Tilted Behaviour, Tim Duckworth.

Written on March 07 2010 by thkcduckworth

Chat Abuse On PokerStars

Due to my interest in poker over the last few years, it was always inevitable that my Dad would develop an interest too.

Recently he made a small deposit on PokerStars but hasn’t been able to get any rhythm and settle in a limit where he can develop his skills and make some money. He understands the basics of the game, but of course, is still a basic amateur.

pokerstars, Tilted Behaviour, Tim Duckworth.

Written on March 03 2010 by thkcduckworth

Downswing Time On PKR (Again)!

It has been over ten days since I last blogged, but it’s not because I’ve been lazy or too busy, but because I’ve had nothing to blog about!

Last week was a terrible week for me on PKR as I spiralled downward hard and fast. Now I understand that downswings go hand in hand with upswings but last thing I couldn’t catch a break as everything and anything went wrong.

Holdem Manager, PKR, Tilted Behaviour, Tim Duckworth.

Written on February 22 2010 by thkcduckworth

Another Year, Another Birthday

So back in 1986 Argentina won the FIFA World Cup, the movie Aliens was released and Mike Tyson was crowned the youngest world heavyweight-boxing Champion . . . and on this day in that year . . . I was born!

Yes today is my birthday, but I don't really feel the need to celebrate as I'm soooooooo old!

Instead I've decide to let everyone that frequents this site an opportunity to peek into the early photo albums of the Duckworth household and most likely have a laugh at the young me.

Enjoy, and thanks to everyone for the well wishes!

Tilted Behaviour, Tim Duckworth.

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