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Name FlopNutsOnYou
PNW Forum Status PNW Semi-Pro
Location Unknown
WCOOP day 50: 500c, 1k 6max limit, 215 NLo8 2009 09 19
04:49 am
in for 500c and and NL08. gl
Hu structure vic champs 2009 07 31
10:56 am
50bb stacks after the first round? common you can't be serious lol.
Hachem Main Event 2009 07 15
10:07 pm
Had not seen this posted on here, although its been on 2p2 and p5. People's thoughts. Seems like Joe does not like the online lag tards who will triple barrel and not just play the nizzles.

2005 Main Event Champion Joe Hachem pulled no punches in his assessment of the competition he has faced at the WSOP 2009 Main Event.

"There are so many f***ing idiots with no respect for what they are doing," Hachem told PokerListings. "They should be at home playing with themselves."

Hachem has always been an outspoken character, his aggressive demeanor at the felt often causing friction with other players.

His latest vicious diatribe came during a break in Day 6, with Hachem still nursing the possibility of collecting his second Main Event title - albeit with a shortstack.

"You see people getting 450k into the middle with fresh air or second pair into a made hand," he said. "These guys can never win tournaments until they grow up and have a brain."

Hachem has had several results since his famous World Series win in 2005, including picking up the Five Diamonds WPT title in 2006.

Despite a flourishing poker career and nearly $11 million in winnings from tournament poker, Hachem is not overly concerned with creating a legacy that history will remember.

"To be honest, I've not even thought about that," he said.

Instead, Hachem had more to say about the terrible play he had witnessed.

"I'm actually disgusted," he said. "They have played like absolute monkeys and morons to get here. For the game of poker, they should not even be in the Main Event."

Hachem shocked by Main Event competition - WSOP News
State of Origin Clash with other events 2009 07 10
02:51 pm
Hey, does anyone know if the state of origin with clash with the other events (Hu and the 6max) at vic champs. I see they were listed on the same day, but is it possible to play both.

Cheers to anyone who can answer this.
Can Chris Evans Tame the Beast? 2009 07 06
08:58 am
We will have to see after the 2nd chance in finshed

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