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How a gogogo thread should be constructed imo 2011 01 30
06:51 pm
GL to all playing tomorrow on what should be a ridiculous Sunday with double gtee's + multi entries etc. Obv with the recent lack of gogo threads on the forum I thought I'd provide a blueprint for future attempts..

4.40/180 Challenge - 1/7/2010 2010 07 31
09:18 pm
Hey boys,

We havent done one of these for a while, and know its kind of late notice, but thought I'd see if we can drum up enough interest to start tomorrow at 12pm.


Tourneys: $4.40 180 Mans on Stars

Start: 12pm AEST

Date: 1/8/2010

Bet Amount: $50? (Negotiable)

Same deal as we used to before - I thought we could play 20 of these and the person with the most profit wins. If we get enough interest I will post the ID of the first tournament and then as per last time it will be the responsibility of participants to register for the next 19. It will probably get pretty hectic in that we will probably be 12-15 tabling at some stage if you dont bust them too quick, so if people want to make it 15 for the day thats fine too.

Anyway, post interest here and we'll see if we can get enough players in.
Vic Poker Champs Package 2010 07 22
11:35 am

Am planning to play three events in the first week of the Vic Champs and plan to sell off 30%.

The events would be:

Event 1 - Opening Event - $230 - 15th August
Event 4 - Terminator NLH - $340 - 18th August
Event 5 - NLHE - $550 - 19th August

Prefer to sell in 10% lots at $112 per share but can do 5% if there is not enough interest.

My OPR's for Stars and Tilt for 2010 can be found here:

G_TRAIN24 Poker Results and Statistics - Official Poker Rankings

G_TRAIN24 Poker Results and Statistics - Official Poker Rankings

My Hendon Mob stats can be found here:

Brett Donnely: Hendon Mob Poker Database

Brett Donnerly: Hendon Mob Poker Database

Have been playing seriously since the start of the year and have a fair few references if needed,

Please contact me via PM if you're interested,

Melb Champs Main Event 2010 05 25
12:28 am
Hey all,

Im selling 30% of myself in the Melb Champs Main Event.

Each 10% share costs $110.

You can find me on OPR using g_train24 for both Stars and Tilt. If you'd also like to check my iPoker stats you can find me on Sharkscope under Gtrain24 on iPoker -> ChiliPoker.

If you would like any more information feel free to ask.

PM me if interested please,

Planning to fire my one and only bullet Thursday night so before then if possible,

Weekend degen GOGOGO thread... 2010 03 13
09:55 am
Mini FTOPS continues this arvo with the lol_limit $22 6 max 75K...

Always a bunch of other stuff going on so as the title suggests, open up the betfair accounts and punt on the races at Flemington and up in Sydney with some good stuff going on...

Too many tables going to add chicks in (maybe someone can help out in this department), but whatever you're degenning this weekend, lets GOGOGO and ship $$$$!!

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