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Re: To Peppermint Hippo. With <3 and an extra Specially large Wang.

2010 05 18 08:21 am



yup. christ.


To Peppermint Hippo. With <3 and an extra Specially large Wang.

2010 05 18 08:20 am
I present....the new Miss America. First Arab-American [Lebanese heritage] to ship.




Re: Disturbing developments - Rudd, Conwoy going to block Internet poker sites?

2010 05 18 02:20 am
Originally Posted by thret View Post
This makes no sense to me. There are enough people on the planet. If there is a perception that we need population growth it should be from immigration, not by rewarding irresponsible procreation. If a tiny amount of money is an incentive for having children, you should not be a parent.

I'm waiting for a global 'vasectomy bonus'.
Jesus. This thread is disappointing. People I like are horrendously wrong. Luckyshades, you need to read the IGA. There is like...nothing...ambiguous about it. Apart from the fact it's stupid, shooting Australia in the foot, and isn't even policed [not that it can be, even with a filter - hence why it's just stupid].

And f Thret makes the best post in the thread? What the f is the world coming to....

But nice post Thret. Every word in it is 100% correct. Australia will pay for that stupid nationalistic / racist brain fail in oh, about 16-20 years...when crime shoots through the roof.

Re: The official "Ben Delaney deserves his own thread" thread.

2010 05 18 12:55 am
I taught The Kid everything he knows.

Remember the wisdom I have handed down through the ages and you shall stand straight and firm when tested by the fires of variance faggotry.

God bless. HP could use some holla. One time.

Re: Looking for cheap poker chips

2010 05 16 07:10 pm
lolz - no offence, but I can't really imagine there is a thriving "For Hire" poker accessories market.

You can buy pretty cheap chips online or there is a store in Paddington on...shit Given I think. but it might be Caxton...where you can buy them pretty cheap. Actually I'm sure now that every major department store that has toys will sell them cheaply...

Re: ClickandBuy. A Cotton Field for the 21st Century.

2010 05 16 12:35 pm
Originally Posted by USUALSUSPECT View Post
It seems you were owned by this n00b company.
Now I know in my past IT/Telco days, If I had a word warrior customer who dribbled shit. I would lol and fuck with said account.

(Your rant is like Road Rage)
No matter how intense and lengthy your attempts at screaming and threatening to kill opposing driver...they are probably still off in the own world oblivious to the fact.
And if they do understand... they normally lol and tell you to fuck off
I have it on good authority my hof email rants at the CS cotton plantations of the world are framed and adored on occasion.

You do realise I had no use for these Nggers anymore, correct? I was actually genuinely trying to help them. My heart is too big for my own good. You can bring a Ngger to the Truth, but you can't make it blink.

ClickandBuy. A Cotton Field for the 21st Century.

2010 05 16 02:06 am
For those of you who aren't aware, ClickandBuy recently got some major capital going to launch a mainstream campaign to eventually throw up some resistance to Paypal. Most casinos [and soon most poker rooms] will offer them in Cashier.

If you are 1/10th as bright as I am, you would give them a wide berth. The distance at which you pass a crack-smoking HIV prostitute with blood-shot eyes and scabby arms when you're johnsing around the back alleys.

I foolishly assumed these FieldNggers could use some of my graciously offered god to give them a fighting chance. That was foolish of me. You can take the BOY out of the cotton field. But you can't take the cotton out of the BOY's head.

Subject: Payment issues
Sub-Category: Clearing arrears of payment

I'm going to make this short. Because my patience with ClickandBuy is already very very thin. If you were a fraction of the MAN I am, you would pay keen notice to what I say below:

1. I don't care for nonsense drop down options in forms that don't give me the correct or even close to the correct option to choose from. You should fix this - it's grossly unprofessional.

2. I've read throughout your entire Help [what a joke] page and there is not even a response or a question remotely related to what simply has to be the VERY common issue I'm currently experiencing - an issue which makes ClickandBuy completely redundant. Obviously.

3. The issue? Whenever I try to use ClickandBuy for, you know, it's ADVERTISED function - I instead get the below message:

Unfortunately this transaction cannot be completed due to security reasons. There could be several reasons for this failure.
Hint: Verify your ClickandBuy account now, in order to improve its usability. In order to verify, please click here and confirm one of your registered payment methods.
You can also confirm your payment method by logging on to your ClickandBuy account on our homepage Intro under Settings/Payment methods.
If your account is already verified, please visit our help pages or contact our Service Team.

What in christ's name - is the point of having a verified, pre-FUNDED account, if one can not use that to make payments?

What - in christ's name - is the point in driving away valuable customers like myself by proffering such ridiculous NON-help in the form of your 'suggested' paths for proceeding?

What - in christ's name - is my motivation for offering you such valuable advice [as I have done] and taking up so much of my valuable time in doing so?

I can tell you the answer to the last - I had hoped you would [one day] rise to a status to decrease your current ludicrous fees and get into a position to challenge PayPal. Competition in all industries is a good thing.

See to it that you don't become yet another failed footnote in the history of online payment processing - one accelerator to this destination would be to ignore my golden advice above.

Another accelerator would be to take a long time to respond / solve this retarded issue.

To the first two questions, your guess is as good as mine. Which is to say, neither of us has a f clue.

Pick up your f game.

one week later....

Thank you for contacting ClickandBuy and for your message.

Our records show that you have successfully purchased at Party Interventure
(Online Club Dice Casino) on 25/04/2010.

Please inform us if this is the purchase you were referring to in your
previous email. Should you have attempted to use your ClickandBuy account on a different website, we kindly ask you to provide the name for further

Please select answer or reply when responding to this e-mail as opposed to
sending a new e-mail as this will aid us in resolving your issue with more

Best regards,

Your ClickandBuy Customer Care Team

1. The length of time to respond to my ticket is uncompetitive and unacceptable for this industry and will not allow you to compete in any serious way with the major players.

2. I am not referring to any successful purchases. If I was, it would make my email as redundant and stupid as your response to it. I assure you I am neither stupid nor a subscriber to redundancy. When I say "unsuccessful", I do NOT mean the antonym. When I cut / paste the "fail" message in my ticket to you, I replaced the casino name with xxx - this is because there were 5 casinos which offered ClickandBuy but which my attempts to load my gambling account via my pre-loaded ClickandBuy account were unsuccessful. The issue is / was not with the casinos - the issue is / was at ClickandBuy's end.

3. I have not gambled or played at clubdice.com. I believe you are mistaking ClubDice with NobleCasino perhaps? Both are owned by iGlobalMedia.

4. I have not gambled using my ClickandBuy account on 25/04/10 like you claim.

26/04/2010 Transfer from Credit card completed
26/04/2010 Payment to Party Interventure completed

5. It would be great if you could snap out of your incompetence for just a short period of time and help yourselves. Because you can rest assured, that is all I am trying to do - help you!

As each day passed without response to my UNBELIEVABLY VALID points which I raised in my ticket to assist you, my desire to ever use ClickandBuy again decreased incrementally.

When I read now - after all that time - the nonsensical, pointless, patently incorrect and unhelpful drivel that comprises 100% of your response, I can assure you that 'desire' I just referred to is now at 0%.

I'm certain your company is incapable of competitive performance, but if you ever hoped to prove me wrong, you would study my last two emails of advice as HOLY GOSPEL. That would give you at least a semi-chance of not crashing and burning.

Good day.
We have temporarily locked your ClickandBuy account, which could be for any one of a number of reasons.

Please contact our Service Team by telephone at +49 (0)221 - 177 38 954, or via email at contact form to resolve this issue so that you can continue to use your ClickandBuy account.

In order to answer this email and/or contact the ClickandBuy Service Team, please click here. You will be redirected automatically to our contact form.

Please ensure that you include your ClickandBuy account number in any correspondence with the ClickandBuy Service Team.

Tip: Under "Help" you will also be able to find answers to many of the frequently asked questions that are presented to ClickandBuy.

With best regards,

ClickandBuy Service Team
Why, you filthy little cotton pickers. Allow me to retort.


Place around your neck and lean off a height. The trick is to get gravity to do the work for you, cause you're clearly too lazy / incompetent to do anything right.

Keep trying until you succeed.

Best regards.

Re: LOL Thread

2010 05 16 01:44 am
Originally Posted by TrappedUnderIce View Post
just me being a dick.. haha.

i found it hilarious. at the time.

not so funny now.
This is perhaps shocking. Like unbelievably so.

But your posts aren't the *least* funny in this appropriately titled joke of a thread.

Re: Tuesday gogogogo thread - Bizarro Risk Day!

2010 05 11 12:48 pm
ATTN: Admin.

Please check the IPs of every user who has ever opened up one of these threads. And then find out where they are. And then kill them.

Including me.

Re: New Bot Detection Annoyance On PokerStars

2010 05 11 12:43 pm
Originally Posted by valloAA View Post
I got accused recently of being a bot while playing a 45man sng. Greatest form of flattery imo. Must have been playing perfect.
Those Human Tests can be really tricky to get through unscathed.

Paradise Poker circa 2001, crushing 25c/50c fixed limit for 20bb one night, I was naturally chuffed and full of myself and my poker limit godness. Bring on the world. I'll play any kunt. zomg I am the best poker player in the world...was probably my overall sentiment..when I was prompted by an opponent I had just won a huge 8.25bb pot from...of being a bot!!

Nervous and anxious, worried I would lose all my customers, I frantically tried to make light of the situation. I typed back

yoyojemjo: 1011101011000

He disconnected mid hand, was gone by the time his d/c protection [which was a routinely used edge increaser in the days of high stakes $20 buyin fixed limit - no d/c protection tables were unheard of, the Internet had just been invented, and d/c's were more or less requiring of resets every few orbits] clock hit 0.

I never saw him on ParadisePoker again.

Lucky bastard.

Re: New Bot Detection Annoyance On PokerStars

2010 05 10 08:22 am
Originally Posted by Murphmaester View Post
I laughed.

Nice one Thret.
The movie 2012 grossed $800 million. You would need to have seen 2012 [and not be retarded] to understand how much your face just got owned right then.

But I digress. What was your point? If it was just to update us on your mood / fascinating life activity...didn't we all agree to put all that in Twitter where it can be safely disposed of? If it was to back up thret, I assure you thret made his bed a long time ago and sleeps in it comfortably dreaming of naked Wikipedia. You can jump in for some nookie, but you will take incoming shrapnel...

I guess you need to decide if thret is really worth it. Oh, you feel that he is? Well I would have been surprised at one point - but then 2012 grossed $800 million. Nothing, ever, will surprise me again. I've been tapped and drained of that particular emotion.

Re: UB and AP is not encrypted

2010 05 10 08:10 am
Um. Cake Poker shipped a pot to the losing player at showdown and screenshots of the fact were posted on major poker forums.

You pretty much have to be too retarded to live to not understand how code works. It doesn't perform for 60 million hands perfectly then just 'rebel' one day. Unless someone is fucking around with shit they absolutely should not be fucking with - particularly if they are THAT incompetent.

I think a Lee Jones $100 offer to any player who sees it happen again was good enough for the online poker industry to forget it and move on.

If you think AP / UB will butcher this latest scandal, you are probably not far off the mark. If you think it will spell GG for Cereus, you are brain-dead.

Re: New Bot Detection Annoyance On PokerStars

2010 05 10 08:04 am
I realise now there might be some references to Monty Python and stuff. Which I am not familiar with because I don't laugh at things that aren't funny. Like references to Earth being banana-shaped.

Re: New Bot Detection Annoyance On PokerStars

2010 05 10 08:01 am
Sorry I haven't slept in 3-4 days. Missed the 'win' in the first few takes. Be a doll and point it out for me, will you thret?

Unless you were being very irregular and non-terrible and you were being sarcastic, which is the lowest form of wit - but baby steps.

lolz I forgot who I was talking to for a moment. Please enjoy your received win.

Re: Congrats Jarred Graham

2010 05 10 06:38 am
[ x ] made more today.

[ x ] days like this per year = < 2.

[ x ] nominated for best facebook comment of 09/05/10 for:

Jarred Graham sigh 4th on scoop 1.5k rebuy...
9 hours ago · Comment · Like
Sxxx likes this.

Mxxx Not surprised.. well done Bud.
8 hours ago

Cxxx Dw ur the 1st to me weeeee xx lol
8 hours ago

Dxxx GG mate. Still a great effort. WP.
8 hours ago

SkyNgger Winners stand on podiums.
7 hours ago ·
Critics' Choice Award obv. Little to nil love on Facebook for my amazing.

[ x ] Will go donkdown prior to Mayan Apocalypse, in a valiant but pointless [in the end] attempt to cheat death.

[ x ] Should sleep at some point.

[ x ] Won't.

Re: *Official* NRL 2010 Thread

2010 05 08 12:45 pm
2, 4, 1, 3, 5.

Re: *Official* NRL 2010 Thread

2010 05 08 12:45 pm
Talking about rugby league is cool. Cause, you know, that's not passée or been done befoare.

I just popped in to spread some love around. And also to lift your spirits with this funny picture.


Re: New Bot Detection Annoyance On PokerStars

2010 05 08 01:10 am
Stop using bots obv.

But yea, I live in fear of robots playing poker. Shit, they could like use lots of bet pot scripts strung together to be AMAZING!!

I will play any NL poker bot in the world for rolls.

Re: POKER HEARTED &quot; Beating Constantly &quot;

2010 05 02 11:57 am
Originally Posted by renzo View Post
I pissed myself when I saw this, the people next to me on the train were not impressed.
But seriously, there was this guy on another forum who couldn't spell for shit (everything was ghey & everyone was a moran) but had some interesting ideas. He once implemented a strike system for gay status updates on facebook, three strikes and you're out was the policy. Lost a few friends but culled a few fuck wits, I am closer and closer to doing this every day..
lolz what a doofush! gay and moron easiest words ever to spell. I like the doofush's ideaz though...might try this culling system...

Re: girls stink.

2010 05 02 11:50 am
Originally Posted by TrappedUnderIce View Post
Thanks for the advice, it's definately making sense.

I didn't receive your invoice, are you sure you didn't mail to Tony instead? he normally handle's my invoices. Cause i think he likes me .. like 'that'.

Girl's dont stink, and neither doe's she. it's just hard to be told that ' her friendship is all she can give me'.

The age gap was too big, and she's looking for dude's to start a life with etc.

but god, did i think i wanted to be that 'dude'.

i don't though, but it's taking a while to get to that "it doesn't bother me stage".
I like this guy.

But Tony, why you post brahh?

But no seriously, don't post. You're terrible. kk

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