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APAC WSOP Oh my god oh my god oh my god....


"Let's get it together , we have got to get it together right now..."
The song has foretold the coming of a new age of poker in this our southern land.It's make or break baby! Let's assume Joe Hachem missed the plane and the 2005 wsop was rewritten , the spotlight of poker would never have shone so brightly on us.Now some clown has agreed to a WSOP down under purely on the merit of the Aussie Millions and the fumes left over from Joes publicity fuel tank. So are we ready? Of course we all want bracelet events held on our home turf and a gold bracelet at that ,but I ask again "are we ready?". For example we've all seen the Sydney Harbour new years eve fireworks beamed all over the world giving the impression of a liberal "how ya goin' mate true blue bonza laid back feel of relaxation and non stop drinking and fun in the sun. The people actually in Sydney on the night in question saw a different picture. Lines of men women children and backpackers scrambling to buy the limited tickets available which allowed you entrance to the foreshore of Sydney Harbour where unparalelled views were enjoyed from behind a crowd 100 people deep .What was on offer ? well shiny bang bangs of course and a pop star and floatie thingies and the harbour bridge had shiny things on it too. Now the Melbournians can naively say that's Sydney Melbournes different. For the sake of our national Poker collective I hope our southern cousins are prepared because this just can't be a rehashed Aussie Millions . If there is any hope of keeping the poker spotlight on Australia in a positive light from the time of the Aussie Millions in January to the WSOP APAC in April year in year out it's going to have to be big .Getting it right could mean that rather than all the international players being here for the Aussie Millions then flying out to their various destinations or tournaments and then considering if it is worth their while coming back for the WSOP APAC they can spend three months travelling the Australian circuit ,beefing up Adelaide , Perth Brisbane and even NZ if need be and as an added incentive to staying in the region Macau ,or Asia in general is close enough to be considered an interstate trip. This can be major , now assuming management gets it right what are you prepared to do for the future of our game in the Australasian area.

(Considering organising junkets to enable groups to travel and stay at an affordable rate, whether you're going solo or as a group and would like the logistics organised or just the cosy feeling you get from belonging to a club travel with us,or offer some advice in the comments section .)

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