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Aussie Millions Event 1 Wrap up.


After a nice deep 10 hour sleep and a Lucky Chans Yum Cha Breakfast with my travel buddies Richie Lancaster and Jeff Putt (The yum cha not the sleep) it was time to battle.

Despite being one of the shorter stacks at my table I had a relatively fortunate table draw with only one gun on my table who was seated in the cut-off to my BB. He's a super aggressive UK pro raising four times and orbit and happened to be called "Dan Carter". We shall call him "Dan Carter(not)".


Seated to my left was a middle aged Chinese man who was very short stacked had shipped his stack in twice in the first 3 hands winning both races and one time tabling Ts8s finding a great spot against 66. In the same hand I open folded 44 only to see a 4 hit the turn. I usually mock people who tell you these kind of stories as the action would never have seen them in the hand in the first place not to mention the fact that they would certainly not have managed to see the turn unless the third player in the hand checked down to bust a player.

Looking at this in print it reads as stupid as it sounds.

In the next hand before the action came to me I could see the Chinese guy was going to shove again. He had already peeked at his cards and had his stack in hand. I look down at KK and slightly over min raise. Sure enough he announces "Orrrr Ing" and for the first time in 3 shoves he has a decent hand showing AQo. His two double ups mean he has about 70% of my stack now which I graciously add to my chips as the board bricks out.

In deep stack events i usually like to set myself short term goals and my first short term goal today was to double up and make the money. I didn't have enough chips to chip up around the bubble so I make 2 significant folds when we are getting close.

FOLD # 1 - my stack 80K blinds 1500/3000

UTG I have AhKh and raise to 7500

A pretty handy young player shoves all in for 30K
DC(not) re shoves for 100K - surely an isolation raise.

This is not what I would call a particularly big fold but it is a nice hand to have to lay down. i open fold.

Tabled hands AcKs vs AdKd

Chop Chop Chop Meh.

FOLD # 2 - my stack 75K blinds 2000/4000 ante 500

Fat Aussie Boy with 160K raises to 10500
DC(not) with 100K re raises to 32000

Action to me in the SB. I have JJ. My thought process here is that Fat Aussie Boy is likely to be stealing the blinds. It is also likely that DC(not) knows this and is basically calling him out with the 3 possible scenarios not being so bad ie. playing the flop in position, being forced to fold to a shove, calling a shove if he really has it.

If I shove here and do a bit of acting they could both fold bringing me up to 125K - nice work for no show down. Added to this I have only tabled KK AKs AQ AK since the start of the day.

The problems I have with this are:

1. Both Fat Aussie Boy and DC(not) are good enough that I am not getting any reliable information from them as to the strength of their hands.
2. One of them may really have a hand.
3. One of the Poker News reporters just came over to ask me how a hand (which i wasn't involved in) played out for the live reporting blog. Random as that sounds, what it means to a player like DC(not) is that even if he didn't know me before and perhaps profiled me as a fish or a Nit at that stage, the journo has now somehow managed to give me "poker kudos" so DC(not) will now give me credit for being able to make that play with a less than premium hand to which he may call a lot lighter.
4. They both have more chips than me.
5. I can probably pick a better spot.
6. We are close to the money.
7. We are close to the money.
8. If I bust here this would be a pretty short story.
9. In the back of my mind I can hear Mike King's voice saying "Nothing stupid Dano..."

I ask myself "what would Lee Nelson do?" and in reality I know that Lee would have figured all this shit out 3 minutes ago and his hand would be in the muck by now.

I toss the jacks and Fat Aussie Boy folds. Hmmmm.


Almost at the Bubble - blinds 2000/4000 ante 500 The Wooosaaahh effect.

I have basically shut shop being essentially card dead and not wanting to contest pots this close to the money with my stack size. After the blinds have passed through me I am down to 60K which I know I can ride till the bubble bursts.

The aggresors are raising every pot as you do around the bubble and I pick up AsKs UTG.

I raise to 11K and Fat Aussie Boy reraises to 25K.

I immediately know that open folding my AhKh earlier was a mistake. All it told Fat Aussie Boy it that I can make big folds which is what he is expecting me to do here.

I should jam it here however we are at hand for hand so I elect to call and see the flop first.

Fat Aussie Boy knows all of this. The only thing he doesn't know is the true strength of my hand.

The flop peels out Jack high and I am forced to give up the hand. The double up spot ended up costing me a chunk of my stack.



Who brings a knife to a gun fight?? blinds 3000/6000 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 3000/6000 end_of_the_skype_highlighting - a succession of Kill Phil poker plays.

A few hands earlier a young skinny American kid with an oversized ego is moved to our table and is conveniently seated between Fat Aussie Boy and DC(not). He has 100K and is taking up too much of the felt with his chips 8 inches in from the edge with his shirt, 1st generation i-pod and snacks tucked in behind them ON the table. The table immediately dislikes him as his first play is to announce raise, then string raise to 12100 to which the dealer tosses him back his 100 which he complains about trying to justify his need for that extra 100 chips to be in the hand. Cammmmaaan shut the %$#@ up already.

He is the kind of player that Dennis Huntly would make probably make cry on the table. For those of you who don't know Dennis, earlier in the day he upset a young interweb nerd alert on his table when contesting a pot after telling him to "come back when you start shaving."

As Kudos to Dennis we'll call our boy Kindergarten Crybaby {K-Clubs}. We'll also call Fat Aussie Boy FAB now as I do not battle him again and no longer feel the need to mock him.

It was clear that FAB -160K, KC-100K and DC(not)-120K wanted to battle for the blinds despite being on the bubble with thirteen tables in play.

Hand # 1

Folded to FAB in the SB who raises to 15K
KC announces all in
FAB folds

Hand # 2

Folded to KC in the SB who raises to 13K
DC(not) announces all in
KC folds

a few hands later after FAB steal blinds:

KC raises to 13K
DC(not) announces all in
KC calls

DC(not) shows JJ / KC shows QQ

Boom! ship ship

KC now has 250K DC(not) has 13K

DC(not) then ships his last 13K in with AJ only to be called by the BB with Q7 as the board runs out Q 5 6 4 3

On another table a player with less than 1BB cashes - and that's how the bubble burst. Ch-Ching.

I fall victim to the Crybaby on tilt. Blinds 3000/6000 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 3000/6000 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

After three embarrassing plays and one poor attempt to float a player KC has donked off 200K and is down to 50K.

I look down at As9s and shove for 37500

it is folded to KC in the SB who reshoves for 50K

He turns over K6o - wtf is heard from the rail.

I think you can work out the rest.

Window card Ace followed by 4 6 K 8

Of course I LOVE the call just not the result.

I finish 81st out of 1143 down a few Heinekins and rail for Jeff "The Butcher" Putt who manages 24th, a sterling effort only to be busted by US pro and bracelet winner Vanessa Selbst.

We continue the revelry with Kiwi boys Steve "Smitty" Smith who also cashed deep and Phillip Wilcocks (2nd ANZPT Gold Coast and final table APPT Cebu) until 8 security guards escort Philip off the premises for being "too intoxicated". Legend.

No poker for me today but I do believe Jeff is shouting Emperor Crab for dinner.

Thanks to all for the good luck wishes it all helps and even if I didn't believe in luck knowing that my posse if railing me from a far makes me try not to play like an idiot and keep cool till after school.



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