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Just sent off some sample writing to an editor getting a newspaper up and running from the ground up , what I sent off was the history of my POKERNETWORK blog. The reaction of those of you familiar with my past entries will be a mix of "Are you sure that was a good idea" to mumblimg under your breath "What a D...head nobody gets what he is writing about why would he try to expand this confusing futile enterprise" then the intellectuals of our fine poker fraternity would be left to comment along the lines of"Refreshing talented informative pieces with an adequate mix of wit and seasoned debate without people of this literary caliber reporting on our poker community our colleagues and their counterparts would obviously be reduced to talk of jim bobs, doowackies and the sporting endeavours of neanderthals attempting to wrestle the puck from one anothers grasp, so here here and hurrah to the poker stylings of manilare".
By now what is dawning on you is the realisation that you have been wasting your time studying poker ,analyzing hands and reading blogs by other so called poker experts when there was a real game in town . The "real game" reference is stating the obvious that the manilare blog is the "real deal" the "bees knees" and all the others are not the "real game" in town ,(Real game in town is a saying which is also used when talking about underground poker meetings where cards are dealt to the various attendees in an organised manner called a "poker game" ,so the only "real game" in town would be the moniker given to the most lucrative, professional or biggest poker game that is being conducted at said time in said town.)
If you want to be the coolest of the cool this is the place to look and with a bit of help from technology and probably alcohol maybe one day I too will be the "only game in town" , because there is only so long before this internet fad sizzles out and only so many times my fellow bloggers can be outdone by manilare and his awesomesterest blog before they re-commit to a liberal regime of alcohol consumption and are able to conjure up the courage to pack it in and give props to the real "only Game in town".(only game in town is a saying pertaining to a game being the only game in said town even if the game is not the only game in town or it is not even a game but for example a florist which is the best florist you will be correct to refer to that florist as the only game in town ,or maybe it is the only florist in town at which time rather than saying they are the only"florist in town" you can revert to the above mentioned cool factor and say that the florist is the "only game in town" as a precaution be wary of attempting to sound cool too often and referring to everything in this fashion for example that police station is the "only game in town", that bakery is the "only game in town " as people may pick up on the fact that you are following a formula to seem cool which is not very cool at all according to my extremely little book of cool which by chance is the "only cool tool in town". For reasons that have just dawned on me and to combat any future attempts by readers of this blog to take legal action against myself manilare and my writings sometimes when referring to the "town" you may well not actually be talking about a town it is more of a suburb or a cul de sac than anything it is still within the boundaries of possibility to keep referring to places as town.
Continue reading manilare and you too will be free to make informed decisions,once again refer to past blog titles for comfort in times of distress just as the good book says poker is a game .
Have a good week is advice given by the "only game in town"Crying"only game in town" is a reference to me i.e I am the only game in town in that I am telling you to have a good week so the only game in town(me) is asking you to have a good week)

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