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Melbourne Time: 2:54 PM 25 Mar 06

This is nothing more than a sample page to show you our new service.

If you like our new concept and would like to manage your own little site on here we would like to hear from you.
It will take you no more than 30 minutes a week to maintain the site, you have your own site managers login and full administration tools to maintain all your players, results, leaderboard etc.
We even present the page in printer friendly format to allow you to give your players a handout newsletter every week.
You don't need to be a computer genius to do this as all the software is USER FRIENDLY set up so anyone can do it all you need is the desire to do the job.
Join in the growth of Pokernetwork and poker in Australia and New Zealand and get your own club site right here on Pokernetwork.
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Game: Holdem Multi Table No Limit
Tuesday night special - 7 15 PM 4 Mar 05
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Pot Limit Holdem - 8 30 PM 7 Feb 05
Game: Holdem Multi Table Pot Limit
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 What's your decision
A curly one this week and again NO NAMES MENTIONED (to protect the guilty).
Player A moves in and player B says OK looks like we got action and makes a move towards his chips but before he can push them in or say "call" player A opens his cards and shows pocket Aces.
Now player B says "I haven't called yet" -
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Posted by Yoyo (yoyo)
(HH) Never play drunk
LOL that is not play money I can assure you. Seawasp got on the merlot last night. He loves merlot. I told him merlot was for women and small children. He kept drinking merlot. yoyo...
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 B.B. of the week
The Bad Beat of the week goes to Joe The Nuts when he took his Aces up against 5/3 o.s and found the flop come down A-4-2 with a blank on the turn and river that was the last hand of the night for The Nuts.
BTW it was Tam who took all his chips - well done Tam keep doing it, we all loved the look on his face when you rolled over 5/3 :-)
 Player Blogs
Daniels Blog This is where you will get to read the club members blogs if they have them....
 News (some may call it gossip)
The big news around the club this week is that one of our members is rumoured to be have won $20K in an online tournament - anyone got a name to add to this story?