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Thread: Hand History Forum Guidelines (READ BEFORE POSTING PLEASE)

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    Default Hand History Forum Guidelines (READ BEFORE POSTING PLEASE)


    1. Off-topic posts
    Anything outside of hand histories go into other forums on PokerNetwork. This forum is for posting of and commenting on hand histories, or strategy related content only.

    2. Only post hands that are legitimate strategy content. Hands that are standard or bad beats and results-oriented content are liable to be deleted, if you repeatedly post garbage hands in the HH forum you run the risk of being severely flamed by the regs.

    Always question whether the hand you are posting is genuinely interesting/ involving difficult decisions that you feel you need help with.

    3. Don’t go crazy spamming the HH forum with plenty of hands. Pick your best couple and post them up. This allows all members to get some of their hands looked at by other members. Plus if too many hands are posted the quality of feedback is diluted by the number of threads. We want all hands posted to get quality thought provoking discussion.


    4. Please just include one hand per thread. There are exceptions, such as if you have a couple hands against the same player or hands that share some kind of theme, but posting a number of unrelated hands in one thread is going to confuse and mislead discussion.

    5. Convert your hands using the PokerNetwork Hand Replayer:

    Hand histories taken straight from the online poker rooms are difficult to read. If hands are posted in a uniform format it makes it easier to generate meaningful discussion. See the other sticky thread for instructions on how to use this software.


    If you are looking to type a hand manually, you can use the card image tool you see on the top right of the post box, it is a small tag that has a SPADE, HEART, DIAMOND and CLUB in it. I have listed the correct text for each card so that it will be easier for you to post the correct hand.

    First you must type the card value, followed by the suit. For example to insert the two of clubs, you would type 2c and then highlight it, and click the card icon at the top. Basically you have to insert the card icon text around the card you are trying to display, similar to adding a html webpage or URL.

    Here are two tips to help when entering hand values.
    1) Always use lower caps. For example, Jack of clubs would be typed as jc not Jc or jC.
    2) To insert a card value of ten, say ten of spades, you must enter it as 10s not Ts or ts.

    All others should be pretty simple, number and suit, lower case.

    6. Try not to include or give away the results to hands that you are posting.

    If the title of the thread or the hand history give away the result of the hand, the feedback you will receive is almost certainly going to be tarnished by the result. The Hand History forum is about the process of playing poker and not the result. The object is to learn to play and situation optimally, not to fold the turn, because you know from hindsight that the guy is sucking out on the river.

    7. Include as much information about your reads or stats on the players as possible. How have you been playing lately? How has villain been playing? What kind of history do you have together? Do you have statistics (VPIP/PFR/AF/anything else relevant to the situation) on him?
    You will get higher quality feedback if you do everything possible to put readers in your shoes at the time you played the hand. It also helps other players to get an idea of your thought processes that may help their game. If you just post a hand and say "how do I react to this check-raise" then the first 5 responses will be "that depends" and ask you the above questions.


    8. Be courteous. Berating and/or flaming people is out of line and won't be tolerated.
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