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Thread: PokerNetwork Hand Replayer Now Live!

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    Default PokerNetwork Hand Replayer Now Live!

    After much speculation and a little hype, we’re proud to finally unveil our PokerNetwork Hand Replayer which is set to make life a lot simpler for our dedicated forums members. Using the latest in Flash technology this replayer allows you to copy and paste your formatted hand histories from most major online poker sites, and will output the data into a graphical simulation of the hand.

    No more having to wade through nonsensical hand histories! With the PokerNetwork Hand Replayer you’ll get a visual reconstruction of the action with all the information you need for analysis of the hand including blinds/antes, stack sizes, bet amounts and position.

    We believe this tool will be most useful to our members in the Hand Discussion forum of who are looking to improve their game and receive advice from experienced players.

    Here’s all you have to do to use the new PokerNetwork Hand Replayer.

    1) Visit

    2) Copy your hand history into the textarea, optionally enter a mask for your username, and click Submit

    3) Copy the URL which can be found in the address bar at the top of the page:
    HTML Code:
    4) Create a new post in the Hand Discussion forum

    5) Click on the “Ace of Spades” icon to insert the tag:
    HTML Code:
    (or type in this code directly) and paste your URL inside these tags:
    HTML Code:
    This is used to tell the forum software to expect a Hand Replayer URL and display it neatly in the forum.

    6) Add any additional information or comments below the hand as you would for a normal forum post

    That’s it! You’ll be able to receive comments from other members and now all of the hand histories will be able to be displayed in a much more user-friendly manner.

    If you’d like to see a list of all of your hands, search hands or see the latest hands posted then you can visit, however we encourage all users to keep comments restricted to the forums. Additionally if you click on the "Links" link on a particular hand on that page, you'll find the embed code which you are welcome to use to embed your hands into your own websites!

    The software is still being improved so we welcome your feedback as we hope you’ll enjoy this new feature!

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