Something I've been thinking about for a while is how to size 3 and 4 bets in live cash. @ Treasury the only game that gets up during the week these days is the 2/3. A standard ep open in a non-limped pot is about $15 (5bb) and in lp over several limpers something like $25-30 (8-10bb). For the most part i just do the standard online cash thing of popping it by about 3.2x in position and like 3.7x oop. For 4-bets i usually just 2x whatever they 3-bet to. (they never get thru but people tank fold flop a lot)

The reason for asking is that with the initial opens being so huge (in terms of bb) the stack to pot ratio gets really small as soon as you 3 or 4 bet. (cant buy in for more than 100bb unfortunately, ive played more live deepstack home games than @ casinos). Do i need to 3-bet so big? Also for live do i need to 4-bet bigger to try and get folds pre? (against some opponents my 4-bet range, especially cold 4-bet range is super polarised)
People flatting pre even if i have air some % of the time isnt neccesarily bad i dont think. Cause unless the flop smashes them in the face they tank for about 3 minutes without the slightest clue of whats going on or how they got into that spot and generally fold