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DefaultRe: Burswood bad players.

you still in this game
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DefaultRe: Burswood bad players.

whats the fucking DIFFERENCE
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DefaultRe: Burswood bad players.

Ops.. Its you bad beaten story........

Better luck next time.
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DefaultRe: Burswood bad players.

Originally Posted by dingt View Post
Ok so just to give you the ideas of players in Perth, W.A at burswood casino.

I decided to play the 2/5 300 max buy in.

My buy in: $100
First hand I got dealt pocket queens. Under the gun I raised to $30. Next guy shoves all in for about $120. Then there is this blonde girl who calls. Obviously I call all in I didn't put them on any pocket pair, maybe ace king.
Flop comes out Ace, 10, 4, 3, ace. Guy mucks the blonde girl shows Ace 8 of spades?!?!

What do you think?
My opinion is that she is a fucking bad player ( sorry to swear but I was truly pissed off at the call. She called a guy who raised then other guy re-raises all in. Just doesn't make any sense to call with ace 8 of spades?!?!

I asked her why she called a all in with ace eight of spades with one other person to act. She said you had $70 behind. ''They were suited'' Honestly speaking that has got to be the most retarded thing I have heard.

What is your opinion?
No trolls please.
I don't play cash very often but sitting down with 2/5 with a $100 is lol for starters before going any further.
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