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Thread: KJ Suited HU for Title - What do i do?

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    Default KJ Suited HU for Title - What do i do?

    Gents - what are your thoughts on KJ suited HU in a MTT and down to final we just try to get it all in?

    I played them pretty much like aces and it ended up killing me...dont know why i did..maybe coz I saw Ben Lamb do it in ME and didnt event work out then.

    I raised in position to 300K, got 3 bet to 600..i 4 bet to 950K and we shipped...anyway QQ>KJ and now suffering from life tilt. I had a 2 to 1 chip lead but blew it.

    Need to get my head around what hands I should comfortably shove all in pre-flop in heads up for P1 in a MTT

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    Default Re: KJ Suited HU for Title - What do i do?

    Depends how deep you are , how many BB you have left. If you had 20BB+ fold to the shove or just flat the 3 bet, why stack off ?

    Even if he is loose/aggro you still should'nt stack off to a 5 bet shove w/ KJ, he wont ever really put it in with worse. Even if he does this with a small pair your still behind.

    I like flatting the 3 bet in positions.
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    Default Re: KJ Suited HU for Title - What do i do?

    I am no expert in heads up, but usually you are flipping for the title in most cases. I think you did the right play 4 betting here. You were chip leader and you had 2 picture cards heads up, which is usually a very good hand heads up. He could be out of line trying to push you out of the hand or probably thought his lower pocket pairs were good ( in this case he had higher ) - in this case he just happened to have 2 queens. You were drawing to 2 outs here. I don't think you did anything too bad to be honest, but if you really want to improve on it maybe smooth call his 3 bet and see a flop, or try get a better understanding of your opponent. Think to yourself - would he 3 bet me with air? etc etc.

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