The young founder of PokerListings, Andreas Oscarsson, was found shot dead in his house in Sweden on August 3 and since then police have failed to make any concrete conclusions while rumours continue to circulate on the web regarding his death.

PokerListings is one of the biggest poker information and affiliate sites on the web and refers over 1,000 poker websites. Oscarsson helped create and set up the site and at the time of his death PokerListings released a statement saying: “Andreas was a very generous person to those close to him, a brilliant internet marketing guru, and a savy business entrepreneur always looking to break new ground and break new records.”

At the time of the incident Oscarsson was no longer involved in the daily running of the company having taken time out to take care of his two year old son, and was instead fulfilling an advisory role in the company. He had moved to the US over 10 years ago and was on vacation in his original home town of Trollhättan when he was killed.

However, police have been quoted as saying “that it’s quite probably something from his past that has caught up to him in this unfortunate way.”

Swedish news sources reported “concrete threats were made towards Oscarsson, according to friends and colleagues in Stockholm and Gothenburg,” and in a bizarre twist a 20 year old man by the name of Andreas Oscarsson was murdered in the same town last year in what some speculate could have been a case of mistaken identity.

Gambling and the large sums of money involved has always had a tendency to attract criminal elements and the fact that nothing seems to have been taken from his house, his son was neither ransomed or harmed seems to point to revenge although the police say they are uncertain of the exact motive at this time. Several of his relatives were in the house when the shooting took place but Thord Haraldsson, head of the police anti-crime unit in Trollhättan said none of them are suspects.

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