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Landowski Quiets Queen

Posted 2012-06-07 GMT-6

Ben Landowski came in for a raise, and Alex Queen three bet in the small blind. It got back to Landowski, and he made the call. The flop came down {2-Clubs}{4-Diamonds}{j-Spades}, and Queen led out. Landowski raised, and Queen called. Queen would proceed to check call on the turn, the {5-Diamonds}, and the river, the {9-Clubs}. Landowski showed {a-Spades}{j-Diamonds} for top pair, and Queen mucked, dropping him to 280,000, while Landowski rises to 550,000.

Chip Counts
Ben Landowski 550,000 220,000 pos
Alex Queen 280,000 -22,000 neg

Not So Sweet for the Sugar Bear

Posted 2012-06-07 GMT-6

David Arsht brought it in with a raise from early position and cleared the field all the way to Al "Sugar Bear" Barbieri in the big blind. The latter not only called there, but proceeded to check-call bets on the {10-Clubs}{6-Spades}{5-Hearts} flop and {K-Hearts} turn. When the {8-Spades} appeared on the river, Barbieri checked for a third time and Arsht kept the pressure on with a bet. Barberi gave it a little thought but ultimately folded his hand.

Chip Counts
David Arsht 525,000 150,000 pos
Al Barbieri 320,000 -55,000 neg

Unofficial Final Table Draw

Posted 2012-06-07 GMT-6 • Level 22
Table Seat Player Chips
1 1 Al Barbieri 315,000
1 2 Alex Queen 302,000
1 3 Lori Kagen 130,000
1 4 Stephen Hung 285,000
1 5 David Arsht 375,000
1 6 Glenn Engelbert 540,000
1 7 Roland Israel 80,000
1 8 Donald Auger 450,000
1 9 Ben Landowski 330,000
1 10 Jeff Weiss 85,000

Charles Tucker Eliminated in 11th Place ($12,535)

Posted 2012-06-07 GMT-6
Charles Tucker
Charles Tucker

A short-stacked Charles Tucker got his last 38,000 all in preflop with {3-Diamonds}{4-Spades} and was behind the {A-Spades}{K-Spades} of Donald Auger. While he had live cards, the {6-Diamonds}{K-Hearts}{Q-Spades} flop was disaster for Tucker as it paired Auger's king. The {10-Spades} turn would leave him drawing dead, and after the {10-Diamonds} was run out on the river for good measure, he exited in 11th place.

The final ten players are now combining to one table and relocating to the feature table in the Pavilion Room.

Chip Counts
Donald Auger 440,000 140,000 pos
Charles Tucker Busted

Hung Takes a Chunk Out of Israel

Posted 2012-06-07 GMT-6

Action folded to Stephen Hung on the button and he put in a raise. Roland Israel then three-bet from the small blind and Hung made the call. Israel proceeded to check-call every street as the board ran out {Q-Spades}{7-Clubs}{6-Diamonds}{6-Spades}{3-Clubs}.

"Queen," Hung said and tabled {Q-Hearts}{10-Hearts}. Israel just rolled his eyes and sent his cards to the muck, dropping to 62,000 in the process.

Chip Counts
Stephen Hung 336,000 146,000 pos
Roland Israel 62,000 -178,000 neg

Tucker Doubles Through Arsht

Posted 2012-06-07 GMT-6

Action folded to David Arsht in the small blind, and he raised. Charles Tucker three bet from the big blind, and Arsht called. The flop came down {10-Spades}{4-Hearts}{8-Clubs}, and Tucker got the rest of his short stack in against Arsht, who made the call.

Arsht: {7-Spades}{6-Diamonds}
Tucker: {a-Diamonds}{3-Clubs}

Despite Tucker having the best hand, Arsht was actually the very slight favorite at 51% according to our odds calculator. The {8-Hearts} on the turn kept Tucker out in front, and the {k-Hearts} on the river sealed the win for him. After the hand, Tucker is up to 110,000, while Arsht drops to a still impressive 525,000.

Chip Counts
David Arsht 525,000 285,000 pos
Charles Tucker 110,000 -115,000 neg

Jared Woodin Eliminated in 12th Place ($12,535)

Posted 2012-06-07 GMT-6
Jared Woodin
Jared Woodin

On a {9-Spades}{9-Hearts}{4-Hearts} flop, Jared Woodin checked and opened the door for Ben Landowski to bet. Woodin then woke up with a check-raise all in, and Landowski made the call.

Woodin: {K-Hearts}{3-Hearts}
Landowski: {8-Clubs}{8-Spades}

Landowski was ahead with two pair, but Woodin had one over with a flush draw. The {5-Diamonds} turn was of no consequence, which meant Wooden needed either a king or non-eight heart on the river to survive. The dealer burned and put out the {A-Diamonds}. Woodin shook hands with the victor and then took his leave in 12th place.

Chip Counts
Ben Landowski 410,000 30,000 pos
Jared Woodin Busted

Tucker Takes Bite Out of Barbieri

Posted 2012-06-07 GMT-6

Action started with Charles Tucker under the gun, and he raised it up. Al Barbieri put in a third bet, and everyone folded back to Tucker, who called. The flop came down {k-Diamonds}{5-Clubs}{q-Diamonds}, and Tucker check called a bet from Barbieri. The same happened when the {10-Hearts} hit the turn, and when the {a-Spades} hit the river, Tucker led out. Barbieri immediately slammed the table and shook his head in disbelief. He leaned back in his chair, and kept shaking his head as he looked up at the ceiling. After about 90 seconds of thought, Barbieri flung the call about 10 feet into the air, and into the middle.

Tucker showed {k-Spades}{j-Diamonds}, and Barbieri slammed the table once again, showing {5-Diamonds}{5-Spades} for a flopped set. After the hand, Tucker is up to 225,000, while Barbieri slips down to 310,000.

Chip Counts
Al Barbieri 310,000 -120,000 neg
Charles Tucker 225,000 105,000 pos

Level 22 started


Bruce Rosen Eliminated in 13th Place ($10,111)

Posted 2012-06-07 GMT-6
Bruce Rosen
Bruce Rosen

Lori Kirgan raised from early position and was met with a three-bet from Bruce Rosen in the small blind. Kirgan made the call and then fired out a bet when Rosen, who only had 45,000 remaining, checked the {K-Diamonds}{5-Hearts}{J-Clubs} flop. Rosen thought for a minute but opted to conserve his chips and folded.

A few hands later, Rosen raised from early position and was three-bet by Donald Auger. Rosen four-bet to 40,000, leaving himself just 5,000 behind, and Auger called. A bet in the dark saw Rosen call off his last 5,000 on the {Q-Spades}{J-Clubs}{4-Clubs} flop and the cards were turned up.

Rosen: {A-Spades}{9-Clubs}
Auger: {K-Diamonds}{Q-Diamonds}

Auger had paired his queen to take the lead, which he would not relinquish as the {7-Spades} appeared on the turn followed by the {K-Clubs} on the river. With that, Rosen collected his things and exited the tournament area in 13th place.

Chip Counts
Bruce Rosen Busted
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 

Events List


Winner David Arsht
Winning Hand ♦Q♣10
Prize 211,921

Level Info

Level 27
Blinds 20,000 / 40,000
Ante 0

Players Info

Prize Pool 985,500